Trial Balance overview

Open your project and select the Trial Balance to add, edit, delete, import, and export account and balance information. You can also customize views to include or exclude columns in the Trial Balance.


  • The Net Income row displays a balance when accounts are grouped to revenue and expense codes or subcodes in the Account Classification grouping schedule. Currently, the application does not calculate net income for grouping schedules other than the Account Classification grouping schedule.
  • Cells that can be edited in the Trial Balance grid are highlighted yellow.
  • Prior year Unadjusted balance columns are read only and cannot be edited in the current year. To edit prior year balance amounts, you must revert to the prior year by changing the current period in the Settings tab.
  • Accounts cannot be deleted if they are used as a rounding account, included in a transaction created from a QuickBooks Online import and included in any adjustment on the adjustments tab.

On the Trial Balance tab, you can complete the following actions.

  • Add a new account or edit an existing account in the Trial Balance view.
  • Enter beginning balances into the Beginning Balance columns of the Trial Balance grid based on the following criteria.
    • You can edit only the beginning balance for the current year. Prior year beginning balance amounts are displayed, but cannot be edited. To edit prior year beginning balances, you'd need to revert to the prior year.
    • Accounts must be grouped to an Account Classification Code of CA, CL, NPE, EQ, NCA, or LTL. Beginning balance cells are disabled if the account is not grouped to one of these codes.
    • If an account is grouped with one of the codes listed above, and is then ungrouped or regrouped as a non-balance sheet account, the cell in the Beginning Balance column becomes non-editable and the amount changes to 0.00.
  • Map accounts, grouping codes, and/or tax code assignments from an Excel spreadsheet (.xlx, .xlsx, and .csv) in a local drive or in Onvio Documents and import them into the trial balance.
  • Export a trial balance to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).
  • Export the contact's tax data to a file for import into ProSystem fx and Lacerte, based on the tax vendor selection on the Settings tab.
  • Permanently delete an account from the trial balance.
  • Sort a column in ascending or descending order.
  • Manage views by adding a new view and defining columns in the view.
  • View the journal entry types that are included in the calculation of each balance type for the current contact from the Setup > Balance Definitions panel. (This view is currently read-only.)
  • Hide zero rows if there are zeros in all the balance columns in the current trial balance view, even when there's activity in those accounts.
  • Cells that can be edited in the Trial Balance grid are now white and cells that cannot be edited are now shaded in grey. 
  • Cells that contain drop downs now have visible drop down arrows to indicate the cell is editable and contains a drop down list in the Trial Balance grid.
  • Only two decimal places are allowed to be entered for balances in the Trial Balance grid.
  • Column widths are now remembered per staff member in the Trial Balance grid.

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