Import and export trial balance account information

You can use the import feature in the Trial Balance tab to add and map account information in the trial balance, or you can use the export feature to create a file of existing accounts for export to your local drive via a Microsoft Excel file.

See also: Import grouping schedules and tax code assignments


You can import account numbers, account descriptions, unadjusted balances, grouping code and/or tax code assignments from a local file or a file from Documents into the trial balance.

  1. Open a project and click Import in the Trial Balance tab to create and map columns prior to importing account information into the trial balance.
  2. Select File – Choose the method and file to import.
  3. Select Source – Choose My Computer or Documents in Onvio. Based on the selection that you make, you can Browse for, or drag and drop a file from a local drive on your computer, or select a folder/file location within Onvio.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Define Data – Define the account records from the import file and map them to the appropriate accounts in Onvio.
    1. Click the appropriate worksheet above the grid (tab in the spreadsheet) from which to import account groupings and/or tax code assignments.
    2. Click Edit edit icon at the top of the appropriate column to open the Column Details panel.
  6. Click the Finish Import button to complete the import.


  • If the application encounters any alerts alert icon and/or warnings warning icon during the mapping process, the Done button is unavailable (grayed) until you resolve these items. You can hover your cursor over an alert or warning to view the description and modify imported accounts in the mapping grid to resolve any issues. Show me.

  • Valid characters in the import file include letters, numbers, hyphens, dots, and forward slashes.
  • When you apply changes in the mapping screen, these changes do not affect the original Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


You can create a Microsoft Excel file (.XLSX) that contains all the account balance information from the trial balance.

  1. Open a project and click Export in the Trial Balance tab.
  2. In the Save As panel, navigate to the location in which to save the export file, enter the filename, and click Save.

Onvio creates an export file that includes information for all of the rows and columns in the Trial Balance grid. Before you export a trial balance, you can add and delete columns in the grid, as needed.

The availability of some or all of these features depends on the applications your firm has licensed and the permissions your firm’s administrator has enabled for you.

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