Workpaper reference columns

Before you can add and edit workpaper references in the Trial Balance screen, you first need to add a Workpaper Reference column to the grid via the Manage Views screen.

Note: If you are licensed for Onvio Workpapers and have Onvio Link installed, you can create and insert a link to a selected workpaper in the binder.

Add a Workpaper Reference column

  1. Select the Trial Balance tab, then select Manage Views.
  2. In the Columns section, select the Add button. The new column is highlighted.
  3. In the Column Details section, select Workpaper Reference from the Column Type drop-down list.
  4. Select a period from the Period drop-down list.
  5. Click the Save button to update the trial balance view.


  • You can add multiple workpaper reference columns for the same and different periods.
  • The list of periods in the Period field is based on the periods that have been set up for the contact in the Period tab of the Setup > Contacts screen.
  • When the current period for a contact is changed, the prior workpaper references for the columns linked to that period are no longer displayed.
  • You can select the down arrow button at the top of the Workpaper Reference columns to sort items in ascending or descending order and to filter by condition or value.
  • You can add a comment to selected account rows (see Add and edit comments).

Add a workpaper reference

Enter a workpaper reference as text

Select the Add WP Reference button in the WP Reference column for a selected account in the Trial Balance grid and enter a workpaper reference.

Note: You can use any combination of alphanumeric characters or special characters in the WP Reference text.

Insert a workpaper reference as a link

For licensed users of Onvio Workpapers, you can add a link to a related document in the Binder tab for the current contact.

You need to have Onvio Link installed to download and view linked documents in the Workpaper Reference column.

  1. Select the Attach WP Reference button in the WP Reference column for a selected account in the Trial Balance grid to open the Attach Workpaper Reference panel.
  2. Browse to the appropriate folder in the binder and select a document.
  3. Select the Attach button to create a link in the workpaper reference column for the selected item.

    Note: You can select a workpaper link in the Workpaper References column to open the linked document in its native application (for example, Microsoft Word, Excel, or Adobe Reader). If the link is associated with a Checkpoint Engage workpaper, the document is opened in the Checkpoint Engage application in a separate browser window.

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