Columns in the Trial Balance screen

You can choose to include or exclude any of the following columns in the Trial Balance screen to create custom views.

Column Name Description
Unadjusted Contains account balances that have not been adjusted.
Adjusting JE

Unadjusted + Adjusting JEs = Adjusted

Can be used to post entries to unadjusted balances so that they become part of the adjusted trial balance (for example, to correct an error in recorded sales, to set up prepaid expenses, or to record depreciation on a vehicle for the year).
Adjusted The sum of the unadjusted amount and adjusting journal entry amount.
Reclassifying JE

Adjusted + Reclassifying JEs = Report

Can be used to change the classification for financial statement purposes. Many firms use reclassifying journal entries to move amounts from one general ledger account to another. However, in Onvio, you can use it for any purpose.
Report The sum of the adjusted amount and reclassifying journal entry amount.
Other JE

Tax + Other JEs = Other

Can be used to prepare financial statements on another comprehensive basis of accounting, which is combined with the Report balance to create the Other Basis trial balance.
Tax JE

Report + Tax JEs = Tax

Can be used to modify the presentation of account balances to comply with taxing authority regulations.
Beginning Contains the beginning balances for the current year.
Tax The sum of the report balance amounts and the tax journal entry amount.
Other The sum of the tax balance amount and the other journal entry amount.
WP Reference Can be used to add workpaper references to accounts.If you are licensed for Onvio Workpapers, you can also add a link to a workpaper in the binder for the selected contact.
Comments Can be used to add notes that apply to specific rows in the Trial Balance view. For details, see Add and edit comments in the Trial Balance screen.
Account Grouping Can be used to insert tax codes, subcodes (optional), and units for a selected grouping schedule in the Trial Balance grid.

Note: You can select relevant codes and subcodes for each account from the available lists in the Account Grouping column.

Tickmarks Can be used to insert tickmarks for a specified period from a list of 39 predefined tickmarks to accounts in the Trial Balance grid. Firm-specific descriptions can be defined for tickmarks in the Tickmarks Setup screen.

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