Tax export to ProSystem fx

In the Trial Balance screen, you can create an export file of the contact's tax data in which you can specify the balance type and data format to export to ProSystem fx.

Prior to using the ProSystem fx tax integration feature, ensure that ProSystem fx is selected as the tax vendor in the Contact Settings section of the Settings tab.

  1. Open your project, and then click the Trial Balance tab.
  2. Choose Export > ProSystem fx Export to open the ProSystem fx Export Options panel.
  3. Select Tax or Adjusted as the balance type to include in the export file.
  4. Select Detail or Summary as the format, and then click the Export button to create the file in your Downloads folder on your local drive.

The following supported entity types are available for export to ProSystem fx.

  • 1120C
  • 1120S
  • 1065
  • 990


  • When you select Detail, all accounts assigned to the same tax code are listed separately in the export file. This allows for detail information to be imported into ProSystem fx. If user-defined tax subcodes are used, each subcode appears as a single line item in the export file with the tax subcode description.
  • When you select Summary, all accounts with the same tax code will be grouped together into a single line item.
  • ProSystem fx does not allow detail for every tax code.

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