Open a project

There are several ways to open a project in Onvio Center.

  • Choose Setup > Clients and select a client. Click the Projects tab to open a list of that client's projects.
  • Click Projects on the menu bar to open a list of all of your projects.
  • Open an active project from widgets on the Home Dashboard or the Client Dashboard.

Click Edit Edit to open a project, or click a project's link to open it in its associated application. Projects may be associated with the following applications, or with no application.

Trial Balance icon – Trial Balance

Onvio Workpapers icon – Onvio Workpapers

Onvio Tax icon – Onvio Tax

Checkpoint icon – Checkpoint Engage

Advisory– Advisory

You can take the following actions from the project list.

  • Update the status of projects (and tasks, if available)
  • Click Comments Comments to add comments for a project
  • Click Add to create a new project from a project template
  • Delete a project
  • Select a project in the list and click Generate Next Generate Next on the toolbar to generate a new occurrence of a project
  • Click Export to create your project list in Microsoft Excel (including the same details)
  • Use search, grouping, and filters

The availability of some or all of these features depends on the applications your firm has licensed and the permissions your firm’s administrator has enabled for you.

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