Settings tab

With a project open, click the Settings tab. You can use this tab to change various project settings for Onvio Trial Balance and Checkpoint Engage.

Onvio Trial Balance users: Click the Edit Contact link to make changes to the contact in Onvio Center.

Checkpoint Engage users: Click the switch to enable setup for Checkpoint Engage workpapers. Show me. For details, see Checkpoint Engage setup overview.

enable checkpoint engage


  • You can select UltraTax CS, Lacerte, or ProSystem fx as the Tax Vendor to which you can export tax balances.
  • You can click the Edit Contact link to make changes to the client in Onvio Center.
  • When you finalize a binder for a contact, the Binder Settings and Checkpoint Engage Settings sections section in the screen becomes disabled, and cannot be updated until you unfinalize the binder.
  • We added Onvio Tax to the list of available tax vendors in Contact Settings.

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