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With a project open, click the Settings tab. You can use this tab to change various project settings for Onvio Trial Balance, Onvio Workpapers, and Checkpoint Engage.

Onvio Trial Balance and Onvio Workpapers users: Click the Edit Contact link to make changes to the contact in Onvio Center.

Onvio Workpapers and Checkpoint Engage users: Click the switch to enable setup for Checkpoint Engage workpapers. Show me. For details, see Checkpoint Engage setup overview.

enable checkpoint engage


  • You can select UltraTax CS, Lacerte, or ProSystem fx as the Tax Vendor to which you can export tax balances.
  • You can click the Edit Contact link to make changes to the client in Onvio Center.
  • When you finalize a binder for a contact, the Binder Settings and Checkpoint Engage Settings sections section in the screen becomes disabled, and cannot be updated until you unfinalize the binder.
  • New Onvio Workpapers (not applicable for Onvio Trial Balance) projects will default the binder type to Tax instead of Audit. Existing projects will remain as is.
  • We added Onvio Tax to the list of available tax vendors in Contact Settings.

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