Release notes for Firm Management - Documents

August 18, 2022

Documents with formulas and variables

You can now see calculated values in the document viewer when a .XLS file with formulas and variables is uploaded.

Document toolbars

Document toolbars are now pinned to the top so you can easily use toolbar options when scrolling through document screens.

Tree panel

We fixed an issue with the Tree panel that caused it to not open and close properly. 

August 4, 2022

Document tree focus

The Document Tree focus now updates when the next or previous document is opened.  

July 21, 2022

Sorting documents

The Documents tree view is now default-sorted by name in ascending order and year in descending order.

July 7, 2022

Real-time collaboration

Documents now have improved saving and refreshing that allows for real-time collaboration with other staff in the firm when adding annotations, comments, and various document edits in Onvio.

Document outline

You can now add, edit and remove document outline items that allow you to move to important document sections quickly.  

Password protected Excel documents

We resolved an issue when trying to view or download a password-protected Excel document. 

Sorting documents

We resolved an issue causing document sorting to revert after closing the document viewer.

April 28, 2022

Filter Document history

You can now filter the event history of a single document to quickly find the desired information.


You will need to download and install Dynamsoft before scanning.

UltraTax CS integration

Now there is a Rename duplicate names to prevent overwriting checkbox when printing. 

March 3, 2022

Open and Manage menu

The Open and Manage menu options are now available during the document preview.

Saving annotations

 We resolved an issue that was removing Adobe and other annotations from documents.  

Scan settings

We resolved an issue that caused scan settings to not be saved and required selection for each scan.  You may need to clear your local storage in the browser.

February 3, 2022

Filter requests by Sent Date

On the Communications tab, we added a filter for the Sent Date column.

See requests sent with a password

On the Communications tab, you can now see if any communication was last sent with a password on the Edit screen.

Performance improvements

We made a variety of improvements to the performance of Onvio Documents.

Printing improvements

We addressed a variety of issues with printing from Onvio Documents.

January 6, 2022

Scan settings

Scan settings are saved to your local browser to save time the next time you scan.


Now folder names appear properly in notifications.  

December 9, 2021

Performance Improvements

  • We improved the performance by 80% - 97% when printing from within Onvio.
  • Files are now available immediately in Client Center when they are copied into a shared folder.

Setting the folder year

Now you can set the folder year when adding folders while editing multiple clients.

Document list enhancement

An optional Created Date column has been added to Client Documents, Firm Documents, My Documents, and Folder Templates lists and allows for sorting

Communications enhancement

An optional Sent Date column has been added to the Communications tab to quickly see when the communication was sent and allow for sorting.

Drag and drop Outlook files

You can now drag and drop emails from desktop Microsoft Outlook into Onvio Documents to quickly upload an .MSG file.

Create Statements

We resolved an issue that caused statements to display in the Firm Documents tab instead of Client Documents when the option to Automatically open in Documents was selected.

Superimposed preview

We resolved an issue causing the print preview to appear superimposed in certain circumstances.

Document request

A document request can now be edited when the originating staff member has since been deleted. 

October 14, 2021

Damaged file handling

If there is an issue with a file, Onvio now provides this feedback when the preview is unavailable.  You can download the file to review in local applications.  

September 16, 2021

Document history

You can view the event history of a document to see any actions or changes that have been made to the document. See Document history for more information.

September 2, 2021

Documents modified date

We have addressed an issue where the modified date on documents is updated to the same date and time when permissions change.  This includes assigning clients or staff to new or existing permission groups and sharing of folders.  The fix will prevent this from occurring in the future.  

Onvio Link improvements

We are releasing a new version of Onvio Link that includes the following enhancements:

  • We improved the feedback shown when attempting to print a document that is currently open. 
  • We fixed an issue that prevented the printing of multiple documents at the same time.

August 19, 2021

Printing to Onvio

We've resolved intermittent issues when printing to Onvio using the Onvio Print Driver.

Internal notes

July 22, 2021

Download non-PDF documents as PDFs

You now have the option to download non-PDF documents as a PDF.

Enhancements in Client Center

  • The Documents area now defaults to Folder view.
  • The Documents view buttons now have increased visibility to easily switch between Folder and List view.

June 24, 2021

Download options to include annotations and watermarks

You now have the option to include annotations or a watermark when you download a document.

April 29, 2021

Navigate Onvio Documents

The new default page when opening Onvio Documents is Client Documents (if you have permissions to access this tab)

We replaced the All Documents and Recent Activity tabs with the Document Activity tab.

New Document Activity screen

The Document Activity tab will display recent activity for documents. We added a column that will show recent events such as when the file was accessed, created, updated, moved, copied, delete, and/or restored.

The search field on the Document Activity tab will search through all files in Onvio Documents, not just the documents displayed in this tab.

Add annotations to images

You can now add Free Text and Tickmark annotations to image files in the preview screen.

Work with individual pages in a document

You can now rotate, delete, and download individual pages in a document. You can also change the order of pages within a document.

Insert pages in a document

You can now insert a document into a document already stored in Onvio from the preview screen.

April 1, 2021

Recycle Bin

All deleted document folders now go to the Recycle Bin.

Title bar

You will now see a title bar when previewing documents. The title bar will display the title of the document and buttons to print, and close the document.

Annotate documents

You can now use the highlight text annotation on documents.

March 4, 2021

Add watermark to documents

In the Print dialog, you can now add a customized watermark to documents before printing.

Free text annotations enhancements

We've added the ability to change the color and style of free text annotations.

February 4, 2021

Annotate documents

You can now annotate documents in the Firm Documents and My Documents tabs.

November 26, 2020

Document navigation

  • A document outline is now displayed in the document viewer allowing you to quickly navigate through the contents of a document.
  • You can navigate through a document using the next or previous page controls when viewing a document.

November 12, 2020

Enhancements to Annotations

  • You can now add free text, checkmark annotations and comment on PDF documents.
  • Quickly move from document to document.
  • Track which staff members added annotation and comment on those within the comments on the PDF document.

Note: Annotations are only visible to staff and are not shared with clients.

Folder Groupings

A new User Preference has been added to allow the Client Documents folder structure to be sorted by application type, year, or both.

Shared file email notification link

When a file is shared, the email notification link will go directly to the document or folder that was shared after signing in.

September 17, 2020

Identity Verification on eSignatures

  • If you have purchased an eSignature bundle, you can now send an eSignature request with Identity Verification in the Add Approval screen. Contact your sales representative for more information.
  • When enabled, the client must complete the Identity Verification within 5 minutes of starting the eSignature process.

Folder properties

  • You have the option to add or edit a folder's year from the New Folder dialog or in Manage > Properties.
  • The Folder rename capability has been moved into the Properties screen.

Document request layout

The layout of the Add Document Request screen has been improved based on feedback and usability testing.

August 20, 2020

Enhancements in the Add Approval screen

  • You can now send document approval requests to multiple recipients at the same time.
  • You can now choose to send approval requests via email and/or directly to Client Center.
  • The documents section has been moved to a more prominent position. It's now directly below the Recipient section.

    You can hover your mouse pointer over a document name to preview a thumbnail image of the item.

  • If you have purchased an eSignature bundle, you can enable eSignatures to add eSignature placeholders for PDF documents that you send for approval. Contact your sales representative for more information.

    Note: PDF documents that contain eSignatures cannot be removed in Onvio Documents after the request is approved. The PDFs are displayed with a lock lock icon image icon in the Documents area. If necessary, an approval without eSignatures can be removed and the document can be deleted.

Enhancements in Client Center

  • Contacts can now add eSignatures to PDFs that have been requested from Onvio Documents.
  • Approval requests and eSignature requests are now listed under the Approvals group title in the To-Do list.
  • Approval requests for multiple documents that are sent via email now contain a single link. Formerly, the email included a separate link for each document approval request. Now all requests can be approved or rejected at one time.

    Note: If the contact chooses to decline an email request, they will be required to add a comment to indicate why.

May 28, 2020

Request Template list

We addressed an issue affecting users who had created more than 25 request templates. This issue prevented viewing or selecting any templates beyond the first 25 from the Request Template drop-down list in the Document Request screen.

April 30, 2020

Change the status of a document request

When editing a document request, you can now manually change the status of a document request via the Status fields in the Request screen. When you modify the request status at the top of the Request screen, the same change will apply to all Status fields in the request, when appropriate. Alternatively, you can use the Status fields at the bottom of the Request screen to change the status for a single request at a time.

For details, see Request files from within the Documents area.

Onvio Link

With this release of Firm Management — Documents, we have applied some general enhancements in the background for Onvio Link. These changes do not affect the application's interface or general user experience.

March 19, 2020

New option to show or hide files in the folder panel

You can now show/hide files in the document folder structure on the Client Documents, Firm Documents, and My Documents tabs within the Documents area.

  • Mark the Include files checkbox to display files in each folder on a per-client basis within the expandable folder panel on the left side of the tab. When the checkbox is cleared, all files are hidden in the folder panel.


    • If you work in a client with a large number of files, clearing the Include Files checkbox may improve performance when navigating the folder structure for the selected client.
    • Your choice to include or hide files in the folder panel is unique to your login ID and the selected client. The application retains your selections, so that the view in the folder panel is the same the next time that you log into that client.
    • To accommodate the Include files checkbox, we've reduced the size of the Expand All core/dms-expand-btn.png and Collapse All core/dms-collapse-btn.png buttons.

March 5, 2020

Default folder templates

The following enhancements have been made in the Folder Templates screen.

  • You can now choose Manage > Properties to set up a default template folder that can be automatically added to new clients based on entity types.
  • You can now rename the folder template and the destination folder name from the Properties panel.

January 9, 2020

Document Requests enhancement

You can now mark the appropriate checkbox in the Recipient section of the Request screen to send requests via Client Center or Email. Previously, the application would automatically send to both sources.

Note: If the recipient is not registered for Client Center, and is eligible for Client Center, an invitation email will be sent to the contact. If the recipient is not eligible for Client Center, the option remains unavailable.

November 28, 2019

New Communications screen

You can now send file links, request client files and information, and manage file approvals via the Communications screen in the Documents area. The Communications screen replaces the separate Approvals and Requests screens.


  • You can now revoke file access previously granted via file links sent by email. To do so select the document in the Communications screen, and click Delete.
  • Options that are available in the Communications screen may vary based on the licenses that you have installed.

Onvio Link

A new expandable folder view is available in the Print panel when you print documents using the Onvio Print driver. The folder and tab view enables you to select a destination folder within the Client Documents, Firm Documents, or My Documents screens.

October 31, 2019

Changes to Download feature

You can now choose the Manage > Download command (formerly called the Download as ZIP command) to download multiple files and folders within the Documents area to a zipped file. When you select a single document, the application will download it without zipping it.

October 3, 2019

Folder panel in Firm Documents and My Documents

We've added the folder panel to Firm Documents and My Documents for ease of navigation via an expandable tree view—similar to what exists in Client Documents.

Enhancements to Document Request and Document Approval panels

We've modified the Document Request and Document Approval panels for ease of use and to provide consistency across similar panels (e.g., Send Document panel).

September 5, 2019

Show/Hide columns

You can now select which columns to show or hide in various grids within the Documents Area by clicking the Show/Hide common/show-hide-columns.png button.

August 8, 2019

New Approvals screen

With the appropriate permission enabled, you can now request approvals for documents from anyone via the Approvals tab in the Documents area. The approval email message includes links to the document to be previewed or downloaded by the recipient.

Note: Documents that are sent for approval are automatically locked by the application. This is indicated by a lock core/lock-icon.PNG icon that appears next to the document, and next to folders that include locked documents. Choose Manage > Unlock to release a selected document lock.

Create request templates

With the appropriate permission enabled, you can now create request templates that you can use and reuse as needed when you apply them in the Document Request Descriptions field of the Add Request screen.

New navigation button

You can now use the core/dms-up-one-level-btn.PNG button in the Client Documents tab to navigate up a level in the document folder.

July 11, 2019

Enhanced navigation in the folder panel

We've added the following enhancements to the folder panel in the Client Documents tab.

  • You can now expand (+) and collapse (-) all folders for a selected client.
  • You can click the name of the client at the top of the folder panel to return to the root folder level for the selected client.

View thumbnail images

You can now view thumbnail images of documents when you perform the following actions.

  • Send document links (Manage > Send).
  • View a returned request via the Requests tab.

View example thumbnail image.

thumbnail image

June 27, 2019

New folder panel in the Client Documents tab

You can now navigate the documents and folders in the Client Documents tab via a folder panel that provides an expandable tree view.

June 13, 2019

New icon in the Preview screen

You can now click the Printer Print icon icon in the Preview screen to print the document that you are currently viewing.

New security option

We have added the ability to optionally set up a password when you request documents or send document links.

Note: For security reasons, we recommend that you verbally provide the password to the recipient.

Firm branding

The firm’s logo will now display at the top of a document when the recipient opens the document link. Firm branding can be customized from the Setup > Onvio Site Setup screen.

April 18, 2019

New icons in the Preview screen

You can now rotate a document, and view bookmarks in PDFs when previewing documents.

Improvements to scanning documents

You can now use the shift left/right buttons core/dms-preview-next-previous-icon.png to move scanned objects to the right or left in the preview pane of the Scan and Upload panel.

Enhanced interface elements

We have updated field labels and re-ordered items in the Request file panel and Send Document panel to improve readability.

Enhanced navigation elements

You can now click the Client common/client-dashboard-icon.png icon or the Documents core/docs-icon.png icon at the top of the screen in the Documents area to open the client dashboard or documents screen for the specified client.

New setup task to add folder templates

We added a setup task to the Recommended tab of the Onvio Setup Assistant that enables you to set up folder templates for the Documents area.

March 21, 2019

Separate Shared column

We've created a separate Shared column to improve ease of viewing shared items in the Client Documents tab.

New Client selection fields

You can now use the Client field in the following panels to easily locate items for a specific client in the Documents area. Enter the first few letters of the client name or ID in the Client field, and then click the ID for the client that you want to select.

  • Copy to (Manage > Copy)
  • Move to (Manage > Move)
  • Send to (in the Add Request screen)
  • Restore to (Recycle bin)

February 21, 2019

Improvements to scanning documents

You can now perform the following actions when you scan documents in [[product-name]].

  • Choose one of the following modes for your scanner.
    • Select custom mode and resolution
    • Use the default scanner settings.
    • Use custom scanner settings.
  • View the destination path for the location of the scanned items.
  • You can now flip the scanned item horizontally or vertically in the Preview pane.

Customize a message when emailing document links

You can now add a subject and custom text to an email message when you choose to send a file link via Manage > Send.


  • For the Sender Names and Expiration Period variables to appear correctly in the file link message, it is important that you do not modify them. (The variables are denoted within square brackets in the Subject field and the Body pane of the Send panel.)
  • Changes made in a message are applied as one-time only and do not affect the global notification template.

New Share button for client documents

Click the Share core/share-icon.gif button next to a folder or file in the Client Documents area to open a panel that displays the names and the roles of the contacts that the item is shared with.

Download multiple files and folders to a zipped file

You can now choose Manage > Download as ZIP in the Client Documents area to download a zipped file of selected folders and files to your local drive.

Note: The Manage > Download to a ZIP command is available at the top-folder level in the Firm Documents and My Documents tabs. In the Client Documents tab, the same command is available only at the subfolder level. In a future release, we plan to include the Manage > Download to a ZIP command at the top folder level in the Client Documents tab.

January 24, 2019

Improvements to scanning documents

You can now perform the following actions when you scan documents in [[product-name]].

  • Scan multiple documents from multiple sources into a single PDF.
  • Select Autofeeder or Duplex options when using scanners that offer those features.
  • Use the Upload button to save the scanned PDF to the selected folder in the Documents area.

In a Microsoft Windows environment, you can perform these actions.

  • Open your default scanner settings dialog to view and/or modify settings prior to scanning.
  • Use the new Preview pane within the Scan to PDF panel to do the following.
    • View documents prior to saving them in [[product-name]].
    • Select various viewing preferences.
    • Rotate selected pages.

December 27, 2018

View migration information in the Migrations screen

You can now view migration information for FileCabinet CS in the Setup > Migrations screen.

Client selection in the Print dialog

You can now locate a specific client in the Print dialog by entering the first few letters of the client name or ID in the Client field and then clicking the ID for the client you want to access.

Filter columns in the Documents area

You can now use the Show/Hide filter core/documents-filter-toggle.PNG button in the Client, Firm, and MyDocuments tabs to allow you to filter for specific items in the Documents area, and to clear all existing filters. (Note that this button does not appear at the Storage level.)

December 13, 2018

Migrate FileCabinet CS data to Onvio

If your firm uses FileCabinet CS, you can now migrate your FileCabinet CS client data directly to Onvio.

November 29, 2018

Performance improvements

We've made additional changes to improve speed and efficiency in the Documents area.

New client filtering features

You can now locate a specific client in the Client Documents tab by entering the first few letters of the client name or ID in the Client field and then clicking the ID for client who you want to access.

If you have appropriate permissions, you can click the Client Information icon icon to view client information in the Client Dashboard or click the Add New Client link in the expanded Client field to add a new client.

November 1, 2018

Navigation and search performance improvements

We've made performance improvements to navigation and search features in the Documents area.

Folder indicator enhancements

[[product-name]] now displays the core/populatedo-folder-icon.gif icon when a folder contains subfolders or files. The share core/share-btn.png icon now appears next to the folder name.

September 6, 2018

  • Filter requests — We've added a search field and filtering features to the Documents > Requests tab. You can now quickly categorize the Requests list by clicking the following buttons on the toolbar.
    • All
    • Added by me
    • Open
    • Past Due
    • Closed
  • [[product-name]] Link — We've updated [[product-name]] Link to accommodate data sharing enhancements for integrated Thomson Reuters applications.

    Note: [[product-name]] Link will prompt you to download and apply this update when it becomes available.

  • Document navigation — We've made the following changes to help you navigate through your folders in the Documents area.
    • [[product-name]] now saves the most recent sort order of items in each screen for the duration of your current browser session.
    • Folder paths displayed in [[product-name]] now include the processing year for any projects to which a year has been assigned.

August 9, 2018

  • Share folders — We've made additional updates to the Share folders screen in the Documents area. Now, if you select a contact who doesn't meet the criteria for folder sharing, the Enable Sharing panel opens, allowing you to quickly define the contact relationship and, if needed, enable Client Center access for the selected contact.
  • Display preferences — Onvio now saves any changes that you make to the number of items displayed on screens in the Documents area.

July 12, 2018

  • Share folders — We've updated the screen that appears when you share folders in the Documents area to make it easier for you to choose contacts. When you click the Shared With field, a window opens in which you can choose a Client Center enabled contact from a list. In addition, the path to the selected folder now appears near the top of the Share Folder screen.
  • Requests screen — You can now sort information in the Requests screen by clicking any column heading.

May 17, 2018

  • You can now enable the new Time Monitor feature from within [[product-name]] Link.

    Note: [[product-name]] Link will prompt you to download and apply this update when it becomes available.

  • When you Request files from within the Documents area, in addition to being able to manually enter any email address, you can now choose the address of any [[product-name]] contact from a list in the Send To field.

April 19, 2018

  • Onvio Link now includes access to the new Linked Accounts feature, which allows you to use a single email for accounts at multiple firms by linking accounts together. Linked accounts can serve different roles between firms (staff or clients). No data is shared between linked accounts.

    Note: Onvio Link will prompt you to download and apply this update when it becomes available.

  • When you preview documents, you can now download the document as a PDF. We've also included a download button in the toolbar of the preview screen that you can use to download a file in its native format.
  • We've improved the image quality for documents that you print to Onvio.

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