Enable and use Time Monitor

When enabled, Time Monitor automatically tracks the time and duration of your activity in all applications and documents, helping you create more accurate time entries. Set your user preferences to specify how automatic time entries are created. These time entries are visible only to you until they are submitted.

Enable Time Monitor

If you have been given appropriate permissions, you can enable Time Monitor and manage your automatic time entries. 

  1. Install Onvio Link on your computer.
  2. Open Onvio Link and click Settings
  3. Mark the Enable Time Monitor box and click OK to save your changes.

    A system notification will alert you that Time Monitor is starting. This notification will appear whenever you restart your computer, to remind you that Time Monitor is running in the background.

Time Monitor also tracks the time when you are inactive, based on the preferences you have set. When you become active again, a notification provides options to log or discard that time. 

Note: Your activity is recorded as long as Time Monitor is enabled and Onvio Link is active in your computer's system tray, regardless of whether you are logged in to Onvio.

Manage automatic time entries

To edit, merge, or submit time entries, choose Time & Billing > Time & Expenses > Time Monitor tab.

Adjust time range of viewable entries

Slide the filter bar at the top of the screen to control the time range for entries that will be displayed in the grid. The bar in each entry shows when and for how long you were using that application or document.

Edit and submit a single entry

  1. Select an entry and click Edit in the Actions column.
  2. Complete the fields in the Edit Entry panel and then save the time entry. Some fields are filled automatically, depending on which application you used for the activity.
  3. Click Submit in the Actions column.

Edit, merge, and submit multiple entries

If you have several entries for the same task, you can merge them for later submission or you can merge and submit them now.

  1. Mark the box next to each entry and click Merge Entries in the toolbar.
  2. Complete the fields in the Merge Entries panel. Some fields are filled automatically. If entries have different values for a given field, Onvio uses logic to pick the best option. You can still edit the field, though.
  3. Click the Merge button to combine selected entries into a single one that you can view and edit before submitting.
  4. Click the Merge & Submit button to combine selected entries into a single one and submit it to your timesheet. Those entries will no longer be listed on the grid.

The Review tab shows entries you have submitted as well as manually submitted time and expense entries.

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