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Description Service Status
CS Connect Maintenance
  • CS Connect Maintenance

    Posted Date: 11/28/2022

    • We will be performing scheduled system maintenance on CS Connect from Friday, December 2nd at 11:30pm EST to Sunday, December 4th at 11:59pm EST. During this timeframe, CS Connect will not be accessible for any program and will generate an error. This includes, but is not limited to electronic filing, application updates, license retrieval, and retrieving per-return pricing (PRP) codes. CS Connect will become available if maintenance is completed prior to the end of the scheduled window.
CS Connect Notice
FileCabinet Migrations to Onvio Not Completing
  • FileCabinet Migrations Not Completing

    Posted Date: 11/29/22

    • We are currently seeing intermittent issues with File Cabinet Migrations queuing but not completing. Our development team is aware and working on a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience.
File Cabinet Migrations Open
Server Error when attempting to create a Standard or Fixed Fee Bill
  • Server Errors

    Posted Date: 11/01/2022

    • Update: This issue has been resolved. If you are still experiencing an issue when creating a Standard or Fixed Fee bill please log out of Onvio, clear your browser cache and cookies and then try again.
Onvio Time and Billing Fixed
Error Sending Returns and eSignatures to Onvio from UltraTax via CS Connect
  • 0 Web Tax Return(s) were transmitted to Thomson Reuters

    Date Resolved: 11/04/22

    • Update: This is resolved. All returns and eSignature documents can now successfully be transmitted to Onvio via CS Connect.
UltraTax Integration Fixed
Onvio Documents Server Errors
  • Server Errors

    Posted Date: 10/20/2022

    • Onvio Server Errors have been resolved. Please see the Product Status page for status information.
Documents Fixed
Two-Step Verification Setup Screen Persists
  • Onvio Two-Step Verification

    Posted Date: 09/29/2022

    • At times you may receive the Onvio two-step verification setup screen during sign-in even though you have already enabled two-step verification. If you click on "Setup Two-Step Verification", you will receive the normal two-step verification challenge to verify your identity.
    • Our team is working to get this corrected as quickly as possible.
Two-Step Verification Notice
Onvio Two-Step Verification Effective August 13
  • Onvio Two-Step Verification

    Posted Date: 08/04/2022

    • Starting Saturday, August 13th, two-step verification will be required for all Onvio Staff and Clients. There are now several new verification options available, including email, phone, text, and applications. We do recommend that you use the Auth0 Guardian application, as it is the only application that will send notices to authenticate. More information is available on the Onvio Help and How-To Center or through these articles:
    • Two-step verification overview
    • Two-step verification setup
Two-Step Verification Notice
Onvio Two-Step Verification Email Communication Sent to Firm Licensee on July 14
  • New sign-in experience coming in August 2022

    Sent Date: 07/14/2022

    We’ve been working hard to make your Thomson Reuters sign-in experience easier and more secure. To make the update as smooth as possible for you and your firm, we wanted to let you know what to expect before the changes take place on August 13, 2022.

    To assist your firm in providing information about the new sign-in experience to your clients who use Client Center, please refer to the original email communication which was sent to your firm’s licensee on July 14 for an email template that can be used to notify your clients of this change.

Two-Step Verification Notice
Received Locked Account Email and Cannot Login
  • Posted Date: 08/16/2022

    Emails that come from Access.info@thomsonreuters.com that state "Unusual access to your account" or “Unsuccessful sign in attempts has locked your account” indicate that the account has been locked. This is the new unlock email. If you receive this email and cannot login, please use the unblock button in the email to unblock the account.

    If you continue to receive this email and cannot login, please verify the following:

    • If you are licensed for Onvio, please make sure that you are on the latest version of Onvio Link. After doing so, please use the email to unblock your account. If you are not able to unblock your account or did not receive the email to do so, please reset your password.
    • If you were previously licensed for Onvio and are no longer, please make sure that you do not have Onvio Link installed on your workstation or any other workstations that you might have used Onvio (or has been used to access Onvio) at your firm.
Login Notice
Unsure of the best method for contacting Support?
    • Contact Support Methods
    • Posted Date: 10/18/2021
    • Are you unsure of the best way to contact Support for your inquiry? In Onvio click the question mark and select “Contact Support” to view more information about what method might be best for you when contacting Support or click the link below.
    • Contact Support Help & How-To
Contact Support Notice
Error When Selecting Login to CS Website
    • Posted Date: 08/24/2022
    • Update: This has been resolved.
    • We are investigating an issue with an error when selecting login at tax.tr.com while trying to login to your account.
    • In the meantime, if you have to login to your account, please navigate to Your Accounts and select sign-in for whichever product you are trying to login to.
    • Note: Do not select login in the top-right corner or you will receive an error.
Website Login Fixed
Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer as of June 15, 2022
    • Posted Date: 05/20/2022
    • A reminder that Thomson Reuters will discontinue IE as a supported browser for all products due to Microsoft’s scheduled end of support on June 15, 2022.
    • Please view Microsoft’s FAQs about the retirement of Internet Explorer for more information.
    • To ensure the best possible experience, please refer to our System Requirements for supported internet browsers.
Internet Explorer Notice
Received failed message when opening Excel or Word documents in Onvio Link
      • Services affected: Onvio Link
      • Reported Date: 04/22/2022
      • We have identified an issue where a failure to open Documents in Onvio Link from Word and Excel is occurring. We will update this alert when we have more information. As a temporary workaround; you can update the document locally and re-upload it until a permanent resolution is made available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Onvio Link Open
Long delays sending client copy of returns from UltraTax to Onvio
      • Services affected: UltraTax CS Integration
      • Reported Date: 1/25/2022
      • Updated Date: 4/18/2022

    Update: Currently, there are no delays and this is resolved.

    • We have seen instances where client copies are taking longer than expected to transmit from UltraTax CS to Onvio. If you experience this issue; please contact Support and reference work item ID 1831038. Support staff will want to troubleshoot and gather some additional information before reporting the issue directly to our Development Team.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UltraTax CS Integration Notice
(Updated 3/25) Onvio Web Organizer fails when retrieving into UltraTax CS
    • Services Affected: UltraTax CS Integration
    • Reported Date: 3/23/22
    • We have released a temporary fix for this today. The organizers will no longer fail.
    • We have identified a Onvio Questionnaire update that occurred on 3/17 causing questionnaires to fail during an UltraTax retrieval when one or more dependents exist for the client. As a temporary hotfix on 3/25, the dependents IP PIN line in the questionnaire report will be removed. This will allow all existing questionnaires to be retrieved. A future update to Onvio Questionnaires will reimplement the IP PIN line in the report.
UltraTax CS Integration Fixed
Documents missing from within shared folders
    • Services affected: Client Center Documents
    • Reported Date: 03/15/2022
    • We have identified an issue where clients of a firm cannot see shared documents in their shared folders. The Firm can see all documents within client documents, but shared folders that have documents in them that cannot be viewed. We are investigating a fix for this issue. We will update this alert once we have more information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Client Center Documents Open
E-Filing and Acknowledgement Reminders Around Deadlines
    • E-filing and Acknowledgement Reminders
    • Posted Date: 03/13/2022
    • E-File acknowledgement delays can occur on or around deadlines. The stated turnaround time for many taxing jurisdictions is 24-48 hours. While they are capable of processing returns and extensions at a faster rate than that, the volume of E-Files sent during deadlines may cause acknowledgements to be delayed up to 48 hours and in some cases more.
    • Please keep in mind that sometimes state acknowledgements can take longer to receive an acknowledgement. Please be patient and we will post an acknowledgement as soon as the taxing agency issues it.
    • Electronically filed returns that are due are considered timely filed if submitted by 11:59pm local time on the day of the deadline. Thomson Reuters recommends that electronic files are transmitted at least one hour prior to the filing deadline.
    • Electronic files cannot be recalled after they have been transmitted to Thomson Reuters.
E-Filing Notice
Unable to upload to questionnaire
    • Services affected: UltraTax CS Integration
    • Reported Date: 03/5/2022
    • We have identified an issue where; in some cases the tax questionnaire cannot be uploaded. We are investigating a fix for this issue. We will update this alert once we have more information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UltraTax CS Integration Open
Blank Screen Error encountered due to apostrophe in the Client Name
      • Services affected: UltraTax CS Integration
      • Reported Date: 02/17/2022
      • Scenario 1: Apostrophe in Client Name causes Blank Send To Onvio screen printing 9325s -UT 2021
      • Scenario 2: Retrieving web organizer from NetClient and sending documents to Onvio displays blank screen in UltraTax CS

    Both of the above scenarios are due to a Client Name having an apostrophe in the name. We are working to resolve this issue in a future release and will update this alert when more information becomes available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UltraTax CS Integration Open
Unable to print to Onvio from local programs
    • Services affected: Onvio Print
    • Reported Date: 02/09/2022
    • We have recieved reports that users are unable to print from local applications directly yo Onvio. We are investigating this and will update this alert when we have more information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Onvio Print Open
Staff are not receiving every notifications when a client uploads documents.
    • Services affected: Onvio Notifications
    • Reported Date: 02/09/2022
    • We have received reports that some notifications are coming to staff member when a client uploads a document, but not all of them are coming through. We are investigating this and will update this alert when we have more information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Onvio Notifications Open
Onvio Tax 1120 and 1065 Partner/Shareholder Information not pulling forward when generating next
    • Services affected: Onvio Tax 1120/1065
    • Reported Date: 1/25/2022
    • Grid data entry (shareholders, partners, beneficiaries, apportionment, allocations) does not proforma. We recommend that you export 2020 partner information an Excel document, open the 2021 project and import the information there. Allocations and end of year/beginning of year amounts will need to be entered manually.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Onvio Tax 1120/1065 Open
Error Message in UltraTax CS: A problem occurred during the migration. Please try again or contact support
    • Services affected: Onvio Migration from UltraTax CS
    • If you receive the error in UltraTax CS stating "A problem occurred during the migration. Please try again or contact support" then you may need your firm admin to update your permissions. You must be a full Admin in order to utilize the migration utility. Specifically you need to have the Systems Permission Group for "All Functionality and Non-Confidential Data" enabled for your staff login. Once added by a firm Admin then please logout and log back into Onvio for the change to enable. The permissions do not affect what you see in UltraTax, but do affect in Onvio. Then you should see the Migrations Option under: Setup | Utilities | Migrations. this will allow you to complete the migration from UltraTax CS and no longer receive the error.
Onvio Migration Notice
Error Message: Client contains unreleased product data
    • Services affected: Onvio Migration from UltraTax CS
    • When migrating a tax return from UltraTax CS to Onvio; and error stating 'Client contains unreleased product data' may generate. If you see this error it means that there is state return data that is not yet approved and available in UltraTax CS. Please check state availability for more information under the UltraTax CS Home Page > Product Information. Once the state is available in UltraTax CS; then it can be migrated successfully to Onvio Tax.
Onvio Migration Notice
Web request failed when running Onvio Integration from Ultratax when foreign code is selected.
    • Services affected: UltraTax CS Integration
    • Reported Date: 12/3/2021
    • When running the Onvio integration from UltraTax CS 2021 with a Foreign country code of "AA" Aruba (As an example) it causes Web request failed.
    • UltraTax uses IRS country codes that can be found on the IRS website
    • Onvio uses ISO country codes that can be found here

Workaround:The best option is to remove the foreign country code before the population and manually enter it into Onvio so it becomes the correct country.We will update this alert when more information is available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UltraTax CS Integration Open
"Document failed to post” error message
    • Services affected: UltraTax Integration
    • Reported Date: 9/30/2021
    • We are aware of the error stating "Document Failed to Post" that occurs when sending Preparer copy from UT via Onvio documents with a file name that already exists in Onvio. We are actively working on resolving this issue. We will update this alert when we have more information.
    • Workaround: Currently the only workaround is to rename the file that already exists in Onvio or simply delete the file in Onvio if you are trying to overwrite it with new/current information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UltraTax Integration Open
Error when adding non-individual fiduciary as Tax Matters Contact in 1041 returns
  • Services affected: Onvio Documents
  • Reported: Notice - Workaround
  • To correct the error “General> 1041 Fiduciary SSN/EIN Field contains EIN. Fiduciary cannot be populated to Onvio as Tax Matters Contact relationship because it is not an individual.” when trying to populate the trust client into Onvio.
  • Please use the following steps:

    1. Highlight the Fiduciary EIN and select Ctrl + X

    2. Select Utilities > Onvio > Integration and populate the trust client

    3. Go back to the EIN box click inside of it and select Ctrl + V to paste the EIN back into the box

    4. Print the Preparer Copy to Onvio

    Please Note: This will create a contact in Onvio for the Fiduciary as the Tax Matters Contact and this is required to be able to print the return to Onvio. Additionally, you will only be able to print the Preparer’s Copy to Onvio for the 1041 return.

Onvio Tax - 1041 Notice
Server error when opening recycle bin with large amount of records
  • Services affected: Documents - Recycle Bin
  • Reported: 8/12/2021
  • We have reports of some users being unable to access the Recycle Bin if a large amount of deleted records exist. We are aware of this issue but do not currently have an estimated timeframe for when it will be resolved. We will update this alert when we have more information and apologize for any inconvenience.
Documents - Recycle Bin Open
Intermittent Issues Running/Downloading Billing Report
  • Services affected: Time & Billing
  • Reported: 8/03/2021
  • We have received reports where firms are unable to run the billing worksheet report. If you select 'send to documents' an error message populates (There were errors while processing. Database statement timeout error.) and if you opt to create and download, the report does not download or open in the browser. This has been reported in Edge and Chrome.
Time & Billing Open
When sending preparer copy to Onvio, pages print offset and preview generates "u" instead of arrow for signature lines.
  • Services affected: UltraTax CS Integration
  • Reported: 03/01/2021
  • The issue printing a 'u' has been fixed for 2021 UltraTax instance moving forward. The issue printing offset is still being investigated.

    We are looking into an issue that causes Preparer copies printed from UltraTax CS to Onvio to offset the page when previewing and unable to see arrows for signature lines.

UltraTax CS Integration Open
UltraTax 2020.3.0 Onvio Document Rename window on Virtual Office
  • Services affected: Onvio Documents
  • Reported: 01/29/2021
  • Printing from Virtual Office UltraTax CS 2020 to Onvio does not bring up the Confirm Documents window - It is currently necessary to open Onvio Link on Virtual Office before UltraTax CS 2020 in order to have the Confirm Documents window when printing from UltraTax CS 2020 to Onvio. If Onvio Link is not opened prior to UltraTax CS 2020, then the document will automatically upload with the original name.
Onvio Link Open

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