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Description Service Status
Delays in documents sent to NetClient CS and Onvio
  • Integration

    Modified Date: 04/11/24

    • Reminder regarding documents being sent to NetClient CS and Onvio in the final days leading up to the April deadline: Due to an increased load of documents being sent during this timeframe, there may be periods of delays in processing. However, we expect documents to be processed in the order received and request that users refrain from resending the same documents more than once.
Integration Notice
Error Transmitting Documents and eSignatures to Onvio
  • UltraTax Integration

    Modified Date: 04/10/24

    • UPDATE: This is resolved. You can now send Returns, Organizers and eSignatures from UltraTax to Onvio without an error.
UltraTax Integration Fixed
UltraTax Freezing When Printing to Onvio
  • UltraTax Integration

    Modified Date: 03/25/24

    • We have received reports of UltraTax crashing when printing to Onvio. This happens when you print selected pages and the document is renamed in the Onvio popup prior to sending to Onvio.
    • Workaround: Print to Onvio with the default name and then rename the document in Onvio once it is printed.
    • Our development team is actively working to resolve this issue and this Alert will be updated when we have more information.
UltraTax Integration Verified
Client Unable to View Shared Documents
  • Documents

    Modified Date: 03/07/24

    • UPDATE: All documents and folders should now be present when viewing.
Documents Fixed
Thomson Reuters Account Security Control
  • Thomson Reuters Account Security Control

    Modified Date: 1/24/24

    • Thomson Reuters enabled a new security control on the evening of Tuesday, January 23, 2024, that notifies users who sign into their software using Thomson Reuters Account credentials that are known to be compromised. Users who sign in with credentials that were compromised will receive an email notification from access.info@thomsonreuters.com advising you to update your account password immediately. This new security control does not impact users with federated SSO.
Thomson Reuters Account Notice
Project Task Notification Performance
  • Project Task Notification Performance

    Modified Date: 1/23/24

    • Due to temporary performance and stability issues, the New Task is Ready notifications are currently disabled. While you can still see them in the notification settings, you will not be able to use them.
    • We'll update this alert as soon as the notifications have been re-enabled. This only applies to firms that have Project Tasks with Onvio Advanced Licensing.
Project Tasks Open
Error Code 2869 when installing Onvio Link
  • Onvio Link

    Modified Date: 01/11/24

    • We are aware of an error being generated for some customers when installing Onvio Link. The error that is generated is "The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2869." This is a windows error which requires you to have local admistrator permissions on your workstation. If you do not have these permissions please use the following workaround to install Onvio Link.
      1. Click on the Start button.
      2. In the Search field type CMD (no quotes). (Do not press Enter)
      3. In the search results field right click on Command Prompt
      4. Click Run as Administrator
      5. In the command prompt windows type the following: msiexec /i x:\onvio_link_installer.en_us.msi
      6. Where x is the path to onvio_link_installer.en_us.msi you are trying to install
      7. Complete the installation as normal
Onvio Link Notice
Importing Trial Balance into UltraTax CS Generating Unable to Retrieve Client List Error
  • UltraTax CS Integration

    Modified Date: 03/01/24

    • We aware of the error being generated when importing a Trial Balance from Onvio into UltraTax CS and are actively working on a resolution. Additional updates will be provided as we have more information to share.
    • The current workaround is to complete the Trial Balance in Onvio and then use the Export option to export the Trial Balance to Excel.
    • In UltraTax CS, Open the client, Select Utilities, Select Trial Balance Excel Import and follow the steps to import the spreadsheet.
Integration Open
UltraTax CS Documents Posting to Onvio Client Center
  • UltraTax CS Integration

    Modified Date: 9/18/23

    • We have identified and resolved several reported scenarios where documents were not being processed and posted. We continue to investigate a remaining issue with posting to Document Presentation with high priority. Additional updates will be provided as we have more information to share.
Integration Investigating
Filter for Project Templates missing from Onvio Projects Screen
  • Onvio Projects

    Modified Date: 9/7/23

    • While in the Projects screen the ability to filter for “Other” Project Templates is missing.
    • Workaround: Use the advanced filter for now to set up a rule of Project template is:
    • This will be fixed on a future release.
Onvio Projects Open
Error: “Parent Resource not Found” when clicking Timer Icon
  • Onvio Timers

    Posted Date: 4/20/23

    • We have received reports of staff members receiving the error “Parent Resource not Found” when clicking on the Timer icon within Onvio. Our development team is working to get this resolved.
    • Workaround: Edit each permissions group in Setup>Permission Groups by just clicking through each one and then click Save. No actual changes need to be made. Once you have done that try again.

ADO 1849792

IMPORTANT: Please collect the Chain ID from Dev Tools prior to having the firm do the workaround and provide that information on the above ADO.

Time and Billing Investigating
Scan Screen Does Not Load for Certain Scan Drivers
  • Scanning

    Posted Date: 1/12/2023

    • We are investigating an issue where the Preview Screen within the Scanner window does not load. This seems to be related to WIA Scan Drivers.
    • We are working to get this corrected as soon as possible. As a workaround, please use a TWAIN driver rather than a WIA driver for your scanner.
Documents Investigating
Resolve Conflicts Link in Migrations Screen Does Not Load
  • Migrations

    Posted Date: 1/03/2023

    • We are investigating an issue where the Resolve Conflicts Screen within the Migrations window does not load. The error occurs when more than one migration is processing at a time.
    • To prevent this from happening please run smaller batches, one at a time, allow the batch to process and resolve any conflicts before starting another migration. Please make sure that the current migration shows as Completed in the Migrations screen prior to starting the next one. Our team is working to get this corrected as quickly as possible.
Migrations Investigating
FileCabinet Migrations to Onvio Not Completing
  • FileCabinet Migrations Not Completing

    Posted Date: 11/29/22

    • We are currently seeing intermittent issues with File Cabinet Migrations queuing but not completing. Our development team is aware and working on a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience.
File Cabinet Migrations Open
Received failed message when opening Excel or Word documents in Onvio Link
      • Services affected: Onvio Link
      • Reported Date: 04/22/2022
      • We have identified an issue where a failure to open Documents in Onvio Link from Word and Excel is occurring. We will update this alert when we have more information. As a temporary workaround; you can update the document locally and re-upload it until a permanent resolution is made available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Onvio Link Open
Unable to upload to questionnaire
    • Services affected: UltraTax CS Integration
    • Reported Date: 03/5/2022
    • We have identified an issue where; in some cases the tax questionnaire cannot be uploaded. We are investigating a fix for this issue. We will update this alert once we have more information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UltraTax CS Integration Open
Staff are not receiving every notifications when a client uploads documents.
    • Services affected: Onvio Notifications
    • Reported Date: 02/09/2022
    • We have received reports that some notifications are coming to staff member when a client uploads a document, but not all of them are coming through. We are investigating this and will update this alert when we have more information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Onvio Notifications Open
Error Message in UltraTax CS: A problem occurred during the migration. Please try again or contact support
    • Services affected: Onvio Migration from UltraTax CS
    • If you receive the error in UltraTax CS stating "A problem occurred during the migration. Please try again or contact support" then you may need your firm admin to update your permissions. You must be a full Admin in order to utilize the migration utility. Specifically you need to have the Systems Permission Group for "All Functionality and Non-Confidential Data" enabled for your staff login. Once added by a firm Admin then please logout and log back into Onvio for the change to enable. The permissions do not affect what you see in UltraTax, but do affect in Onvio. Then you should see the Migrations Option under: Setup | Utilities | Migrations. this will allow you to complete the migration from UltraTax CS and no longer receive the error.
Onvio Migration Notice
Web request failed when running Onvio Integration from Ultratax when foreign code is selected.
    • Services affected: UltraTax CS Integration
    • Reported Date: 12/3/2021
    • When running the Onvio integration from UltraTax CS 2021 with a Foreign country code of "AA" Aruba (As an example) it causes Web request failed.
    • UltraTax uses IRS country codes that can be found on the IRS website
    • Onvio uses ISO country codes that can be found here

Workaround:The best option is to remove the foreign country code before the population and manually enter it into Onvio so it becomes the correct country.We will update this alert when more information is available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UltraTax CS Integration Open
Server error when opening recycle bin with large amount of records
  • Services affected: Documents - Recycle Bin
  • Reported: 8/12/2021
  • We have reports of some users being unable to access the Recycle Bin if a large amount of deleted records exist. We are aware of this issue but do not currently have an estimated timeframe for when it will be resolved. We will update this alert when we have more information and apologize for any inconvenience.
Documents - Recycle Bin Open
UltraTax 2020.3.0 Onvio Document Rename window on Virtual Office
  • Services affected: Onvio Documents
  • Reported: 01/29/2021
  • Printing from Virtual Office UltraTax CS 2020 to Onvio does not bring up the Confirm Documents window - It is currently necessary to open Onvio Link on Virtual Office before UltraTax CS 2020 in order to have the Confirm Documents window when printing from UltraTax CS 2020 to Onvio. If Onvio Link is not opened prior to UltraTax CS 2020, then the document will automatically upload with the original name.
Onvio Link Open

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