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To scan documents into Onvio using a TWAIN or WIA-supported scanner, choose New > Scan.

  • Dynamic Web TWAIN plugin is required to scan documents into Onvio. The first time you scan a document, Onvio will require you to install the plugin by clicking the Download link in the Scan and Upload panel.
  • We recommend that you scan images in black and white at 400 DPI. If you choose color or grayscale options for documents that you scan at 400 DPI and above, file sizes will be larger (up to 1MB per page).
  • Onvio stores scanned documents in the Documents area or Workapers binder as PDF files.
  • If you're unable to scan documents, verify that your scanner is turned on and connected to your computer.
  • In the Documents area, the scanning option is available only from within folders in My Documents, Firm Documents, and from within client folders in Client Documents. Client contacts with appropriate permissions can scan documents into shared folders.

In the Scan and Upload panel, you can perform the following actions.

  • Select one of the following scan settings.
    • Select Custom mode and resolution to set your scan settings for color mode and resolution in the Scan and Upload panel.
    • Use default scanner settings to scan without applying any scanner changes beyond those that are default for your scanner.
    • Use custom scanner settings to change default settings directly in the scan setting panel for your scanner. 
    • Mark the Autofeeder or Duplex checkboxes when using scanners that offer those features.
  • Click the Scan button consecutively to scan multiple documents from multiple sources into a single PDF prior to uploading it into the Documents area, or Workpapers binder.
  • Click the Upload button after scanning is complete to upload a PDF of scanned items in the selected folder of the Documents area, or Workpapers binder.

In a Microsoft Windows environment, you can perform the following actions from the Scan and Upload panel.

  • Select the Use Your Scan Driver Settings option to open your default scanner settings dialog when you click the Scan button.
  • Use the Preview pane to view the scanned document and perform the following actions.
    • Click the rotate buttons to change the orientation of pages in the document.

      Note: Click the page in the preview pane before you rotate the image.

    • Click the Shift Left and/or Shift Right buttons to move objects to the right or left in the preview pane of the Scan and Upload panel.
    • Select your view preferences (1X1, 2X2, 3X3, and so forth) from the View mode drop-down list.

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