Add Tickmark columns and insert a tickmark

You can add Tickmark columns and insert tickmarks in the Trial Balance grid for each period defined for the contact.

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Add Tickmark columns

Use the following procedure to add Tickmark columns in the Trial Balance.

  1. Open your project in Onvio Trial Balance or Onvio Workpapers, click the Trial Balance tab, and then click Manage Views.
  2. Select the appropriate view in which to add a Tickmark column.
  3. Click Add in the Columns section, and then select Tickmark as the Column Type in the Column Details section.
  4. Select a period to apply to the Tickmark column, and if necessary, repeat the procedure to add Tickmark columns for multiple periods in the list.
  5. Click Save to return to the Trial Balance screen.

Insert a tickmark

Use the following procedure to add a tickmark into each account row in the Trial Balance grid.

  1. In the Tickmark column, double-click a cell for a selected account row in which to insert a tickmark, and then choose a tickmark from the list.
  2. Double-click the next cell in which to add another tickmark and repeat the process for multiple rows in the same column and/or multiple tickmark columns, as needed.

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