Map trial balance account information

When importing accounts to a trial balance, you can choose to map which account codes being imported correspond to which account codes in Onvio

Once you have created a new mapping of accounts, you can save it and apply to other imports.

Before you start

  1. You will need to have added an accounts project to your client, opened the project, and selected an import option from the Trial Balance tab. See Import and export trial balance account information.
  2. At the end of the Define Data step of the import wizard, you will need to have turned on the Map account switch. 

    Note: When you turn the Map account switch on, the Mapping Options and Map Accounts steps of the import wizard are displayed, and Finish Import changes to Next.

Step three: Mapping Options

Steps one and two of the import wizard are described in the Import and export trial balance account information article.

  1. Select one of the following options to map accounts.
    • Create new mapping for accounts. This option is selected by default if no saved mapping exists.
    • Use existing mapping for accounts, then select an existing mapping from the drop-down list. This option is disabled until a mapping has been saved.
  2. Select Next.

Step four: Map Accounts

Two grids are displayed. One shows the account details from the spreadsheet, the other is for the corresponding account codes and descriptions in [[product name]].

  1. Check that any accounts chosen by the auto-mapping process in the [[product-name] grid are correct.
  2. If an account has been wrongly mapped or not auto-mapped, choose the correct account from the Map account drop-down list in the Onvio grid.
  3. If you've created a new mapping you'll need to choose an option for saving this new mapping.
  4. If the imported account is out of balance, you can choose to continue the import out of balance, or assign the out of balance amount to a selected balancing account.
  5. Select Finish Import.


  • Onvio tries to auto-map accounts by looking for account numbers and account descriptions in the imported file that match those in Onvio.
  • If you did not define an account description column in the Define Data step, or an account description cell is empty, then Onvio will try to auto-map by using only the account number.
  • If you did not define an account number column in your spreadsheet, then Onvio will not be able to auto-map any accounts.
  • If an account number cell is empty, then Onvio will not be able to auto-map that account.
  • The comparisons that Onvio makes when auto-mapping accounts are not case sensitive.
  • If you chose an existing mapping, this will take priority over auto-mapping.
  • You can manually change any auto-mapped account by using the Map account drop-down list.
  • Multiple accounts from the spreadsheet can be mapped to the same Onvio account.
  • Changes made when mapping do not affect the source file that you've imported data from.

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