Import grouping and tax code assignments

You can import a file that contains account groupings and/or tax code assignments, map them to appropriate columns, and then import them into the trial balance. Follow these steps to create and map columns prior to importing grouping and tax code assignments into the trial balance.

  1. Open a project and click the Trial Balance tab, and then click Import.
  2. File Source – Click My Computer or click Documents in Onvio, and then click Next.
  3. Select File – Choose the file to import using either of the following methods.
    • If you selected the My Computer option, browse to the location of the file to import from your local drive, select the file, and then click Open, or drag the file and drop it into the Import screen.
    • If you selected the Onvio Documents option, navigate to the file for the current project and select the appropriate file from the Onvio Documents location.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Define Data – Define the account records from the import file and map them to the appropriate accounts in Onvio.
  6. Click the appropriate worksheet above the grid (tab in the spreadsheet) from which to import account groupings and/or tax code assignments.
  7. Click Edit at the top of the appropriate column to open the Column Details panel.
  8. Select Account Grouping in the Column Type field.
  9. Select a schedule in the Grouping Schedule field.
  10. Select a grouping level in the Code Level field.

    Note: All related subcode levels for a selected grouping schedule are automatically made available for selection in the Code Level field.

  11. Click Save to insert the selected codes and/or subcodes into the appropriate columns.
  12. Click Done to complete the import.


  • The application highlights in red any invalid codes and subcodes in the grouping columns of the Mapping grid.
  • You can assign a subcode to an account grouping column only if the account grouping code has already been assigned.
  • When tax grouping schedules and tax codes exist in the import file, the application automatically adds them to the list in the Grouping Schedule field in the Mapping panel.
  • When you select a tax grouping schedule, the Grouping Level list includes a Unit option. You can apply a unit to any level of subcode and/or multiple levels of subcodes in the same import file. (For example, you can apply the same unit grouping level to account 1 subcode 1 and to account 2 subcode 2.)

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