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To access your preferences, select your initials and choose the User Preferences link.

You need to select Save after adjusting your preferences.

Onvio Center

  • Release Notification

    Mark this checkbox if you want to see the latest Onvio updates every time you sign in.

  • Setup Assistant

    We recommend marking this checkbox to help you set up Onvio.

Time & Billing

Time & Expense Entry

  • Field Defaults and Settings

    You can customize Date, Enter Time In, and select either to hide and/or skip when tabbing other entry fields. These settings affect the fields in Time & Billing > Time & Expenses > Entry tab.

  • Timer Behavior

    These options impact the Timer functionality. You can select if you want to round up and how to round up.

  • Time Monitor

    These settings affect the Time & Billing > Time & Expense > Time Monitor tab. You can choose if you want to round up and how to round up.

    You can choose if you want to merge entries. If staff is working in two or more applications outside of Onvio or CS Professional Suite, such as Word and Excel, you can mark All other applications checkbox to combine these entries into one.


  • These settings impact the Time & Billing > Billing > Selection tab and Fixed Fee tab.
  • You can set the Default Invoice Date and Bill Work-In-Progress (WIP) Through to your preference.

Receipt & Adjustment Entry

  • Field Defaults and Settings

    These options affect the Time & Billing > Receipts & Adjustments > Entry tab.

    You can customize how to keep track of your receipts with the Default Control Date and Default Date drop-down menus.

    The Date field refers to each individual payment, such as the day the firm received a payment.

    A Control Date is a way to collect a number of individual receipt or adjustment transactions into a logical group.

  • You can also select either to hide and/or skip when tabbing to other entry fields.


  • Grouping Settings

    You can select how to arrange folders in the Documents > Client Documents tab.

    Choose an option from the Folder Grouping drop-down menu:

    • None - Alphabetical: arrange folders in alphabetical order in the tree structure.
    • Application: sort documents by application (Excel, Word, PDF, etc).
    • Year: organize folders by the year it was created.
    • Application Then Year: display the application folder first (Excel, Word, PDF, etc), and then the year subfolder.
    • Year Then Application: display the year folder first, and then the application subfolder (Excel, Word, PDF, etc).

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