Bill your clients

Once you have made time & expense entries, you can bill a client by choosing Time & Billing > Billing.

On the Selection tab, choose an invoice date and a billing method. You can bill by client, engagement, or project.

  • Select the items you want to bill by marking the boxes for each. 
  • Narrow the list by marking the  Hide Zero Balance WIP box.
  • Click Standard Bill to bill for the full work-in-process (WIP) amount. 
  • Click Detail Bill to bill individual WIP items, to create progress bills, or to enter billing adjustments
  • Click Export to create a Microsoft Excel file with the information from your billing entries. 

Click the Review Invoices tab to view, edit, delete, send, or export invoices you have already created. 

Note: If you set up a Stripe account to accept online payments, you must email invoices before your clients can pay them online.

Click the Statements tab to create billing statements for clients with accounts receivable balances.

The availability of some or all of these features depends on the applications your firm has licensed and the permissions your firm’s administrator has enabled for you.

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