Use timers to track and submit time spent on work for clients.

Note: Your firm must be licensed for Time & Billing to use timers.

  1. Click the Timer button at the top of the screen to open the Timers panel.
  2. Click Add to add a new timer. The timer starts automatically.
  3. If necessary, select a client from the timer panel's drop-down list. 

    Note: If you opened the timer from the Client Dashboard, that client will automatically be selected in the timer.

You can click Pause to stop the timer.

Clicking Close on the Timers panel or logging out of Onvio doesn't pause the timer.

  • When you close the Timers panel or navigate to another screen, a badge appears next to the Timer icon to remind you of any active timers.
  • You must add an activity and staff rate before you can submit a timer. Click the Add Detail link to access these fields.
  • Click the Submit button to submit a timer.
  • You can also submit or delete a timer by marking the box next to it and clicking the appropriate item in the toolbar.

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