Binder overview

In Onvio Trial Balance or Checkpoint Engage, binders help you to manage your client's workpapers. You can use a project's binder tab to add, delete, upload, or download files for your client.

Open your project and click the Binder tab.

On the Binder tab, you can complete the following actions.

  • Upload various types of files to the binder.
  • Add scanned items and workpapers such as Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to the binder. If you are licensed for Checkpoint Engage, you can also add Checkpoint Engage and Checkpoint Tools documents to the binder.
  • The Open and following Manage menu options are available during document preview.
    • Download
    • Move
    • Copy
    • Delete
  • When Onvio Link is installed, you can click a document link in the binder list to open the document locally. You can then edit the selected document in it's native application, and then sync your changes back to the Binder when you're finished.


    • You need to have Onvio Link installed to open a document in the Trial Balance binder.
    • When a document is currently open, a Lock icon appears next to the Document in the binder. (Choose Manage > Unlock to release the selected lock.) A lock alert will show when a locked document is previewed. 
  • Preview documents (for example, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and so forth) in a preview screen that is launched from the application. From the preview screen, you can download the document as a PDF, or you can download it and open it in its native application.
  • In the Binder tab, you can annotate PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF and BMP files. When you print these document types you can include annotations, comments and watermarks.  Annotation tools are not available if the binder is finalized, the document is protected or open for editing. You can also select "Download as PDF" and include annotations and watermarks.
  • Use the folders panel on the left to organize and view your contact's folders and workpapers. You can add folders, drag and drop folders and workpapers to move them to another location, and view the contents of the Recycle Bin.

    Note: You can click the vertical border that divides the two panes to show or hide the Folders pane.

  • Manage the workpapers and folders in the binder. You can download, move, copy, rename, and delete workpapers. You can also view and update workpaper properties (reference, name, delete on finalize, roll forward setting, and staff assignment) for a single workpaper, or for multiple workpapers at the same time.

    Note: When you are licensed for Checkpoint Engage, you can choose to run a Diagnostics report and Generate a PDF from the Manage menu.

  • Protect (or unprotect) workpapers to prevent them from being modified, moved, copied, renamed, or deleted.

    Note: You cannot edit protected workpapers in Onvio Trial Balance or Checkpoint Engage. However, you can download them, edit them in their native application, and then upload the updated workpaper.

  • Add and delete preparer and reviewer signoffs for workpapers in the binder.

    Note: You can delete only those signoffs that have been applied to workpapers with your staff ID.

  • Roll Forward the binder to make a copy of the project that can be used as a template for a new one.
  • Finalize the binder after you've completed all your work to protect workpapers from further updates and to remove workpapers that have been marked as Delete on Finalize.
  • You can drag and drop emails from desktop Microsoft Outlook into Onvio Documents to quickly upload an .MSG file.
  • Column selections in the binder grid are saved per staff.
  • You now have the ability to edit the year on a binder from within the Binder screen by going to Actions, then Binder properties with the binder selected.

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