Delete project templates

In general, it is not recommended to delete project templates because of the large amount of data that may be associated with a template.

Deleting a project template would require deleting every project ever generated, plus all time entries, billing, and other data associated with each generated project.

Before you start

Recommended method

Instead of deleting the project template, stop the regeneration on all existing projects for that template.

You can also rename the project template so that it can be easily identified as inactive. For example, a project ID TAX could be renamed to INACTIVETAX.

  1. In Onvio Center, select Setup and then Project Templates.
  2. Select Edit to open the desired project template.
  3. In the General tab, change the project template ID to, for example, INACTIVETAX.
  4. Set the Recurrence Frequency to None.
  5. Set the Generation Method to When I manually created it.
  6. Select Save when you're finished.

Delete a project template

  1. In Onvio Center, select Setup and then Project Templates.
  2. Mark the checkbox for each template you want to delete. 
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Select Delete again to confirm, or Cancel to keep the template.

If you can't delete a project template, you will get an error message which shows exactly what is preventing deletion. After you delete the items associated to the project template, you can delete it.

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