Generate the next occurrence of a project

You can manually generate the next occurrence of an existing project or set up projects to automatically generate based on the project template generation method settings.

Before you start

Make sure you're assigned to a permission group that has Project Manager enabled.

Generate the next project


  1. In Onvio Center, select Projects.
  2. Mark each project you want to generate the next occurrence, then select Generate Next in the toolbar.
  3. The new occurrence of the project will appear in the list.

Note: When you generate a new project occurrence, Onvio pulls the value for the Application field from the previous instance of the project, rather than from the project template.


Projects will automatically generate based on the generation method settings on the project template.

When you create a project template, choose When the current is complete or Specified days until the next due date in the Generation Method field to automatically generate the next occurrence of the project.

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