Integration with UltraTax CS: Account balances

For Onvio Workpapers and Onvio Trial Balance users

When you are licensed for Onvio and UltraTax CS, you can take advantage of the integration capabilities that enables you to import a contact's account balances — based on how the accounts are grouped in Onvio — into UltraTax CS via the Utilities > Onvio Workpapers (Import) or Onvio Trial Balance (Import) command.

Steps in Onvio

As a best practice, use these steps to set up your client's accounts and balances in Onvio Workpapers or Onvio Trial Balance so that they can be imported into UltraTax CS.

  1. Set up the contact with the appropriate tax entity.
    Onvio entity type UltraTax CS entity type
    Individual 1040
    C-Corporation 1120
    Limited Liability Partnership 1065
    Partnership 1065
    S-Corporation 1120S
    Sole Proprietorship 1040
    Exempt Organization 990
    Trust 1041
  2. Open your project in Onvio Workpapers or Onvio Trial Balance, and then click the Trial Balance tab to add and/or import accounts and balances.
  3. Click the Groupings tab to add or modify one of the pre-defined tax grouping schedules that are unique to each tax entity.
    1. In the Groupings tab, select the appropriate tax grouping schedule from the Grouping Schedule field.
    2. Assign accounts from the Ungrouped account list to a specific tax form and line number in the Grouped Accounts list.

Steps in UltraTax CS

  1. Verify that your UltraTax CS licenses are up to date.
  2. Choose Utilities > Onvio Workpapers (Import) or Onvio Trial Balance (Import) to import the contact's account balances based on the groupings that you've assigned.

Note: The entity type for the contact in Onvio must match the entity type in UltraTax CS.

Troubleshooting tips

Use the following tips to assist you when you prepare accounts and balances in Onvio Workpapers or Onvio Trial Balance to import into UltraTax CS. If steps in the process are incomplete or incorrectly entered, the import may fail and produce errors.

  • Adding a client: Avoid using special characters such as a slash "/" or period "." in the Client name or Client ID fields in the Setup > Clients screen.
  • Creating the trial balance: As a best practice, we recommend that you use account numbers in Onvio so that descriptions map correctly between years on subschedules in UltraTax CS.
  • Assigning codes: Be sure to assign tax codes to ungrouped accounts in the Groupings tab. (UltraTax CS requires this information to correctly map each account to a corresponding form and line number.) 

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