Edit multiple time and expense entries

Edit multiple time or expense entries at once by clicking Time & Billing > Time & Expenses and choosing the Review tab.

  1. Select a date range to view entries from a specified period.
  2. Mark the box next to each entry you want to change and click Edit in the toolbar.
  3. Edit the information in any field that's available for editing.


    • Fields are marked with an asterisk if they were required on the Entry tab.
    • Some fields that are marked with an asterisk are not available for editing.
    • If selected entries have different values in a given field, "multiple values" will be displayed. You can still edit the value.
  4. Click Next to review your changes. Use the Show Details link to see more information.
  5. Click Done to save your changes, or click Previous to go back to the last step.

Click Cancel to undo all changes and return to the Review tab.

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