Review time and expense entries

Review time and expense entries by choosing Time & Billing > Time & Expenses and clicking the Review tab.

On the Review tab, you can perform the following actions.

  • View entries for a specified date range: today, week, two weeks, month, or a custom date range; or all entries
  • View or hide entries that have already been billed via the Billed button
  • Delete selected entries
  • Export selected entries to Microsoft Excel
  • Drag column headings to the grouping area to group data (for example, drag the Client column heading to group data by client)
  • If your firm uses the approval and posting process for time and expense entries, staff with appropriate permissions can mark the box next to an item and click Approve / Post in the menu bar to open a list of options. Use the Approved and Posted buttons to view or hide entries.

The availability of some or all of these features depends on the applications your firm has licensed and the permissions your firm’s administrator has enabled for you.

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