Tasks are specific items that need to be completed. There are two main types:

  • Staff tasks: Work items to be completed by staff members.
  • Client tasks: Items for a client to do.

Before you can create a task, you'll need to have at least one client set up to assign the task to. If you also added a project, you can relate tasks to projects. Tasks can also stand on their own as individual work items not associated with a project.

Staff tasks

These tasks are created and completed by assigned staff members. They can be customized to include any work item that your firm completes. Staff tasks can be connected to an activity as well as a client and project. This enables to you relate the types of services your staff peforms (the activities) to the individual work items they do (the tasks). Since activities are connected to billing rates, connecting a task to an activity also helps you bill for that task.


  • Task: Deliver 1120
  • Client: Companyco
  • Project: 1120
  • Activity: Delivery
  • Task: Monthly all-hands
  • Client: My Firm
  • Project: none
  • Activity: Staff meetings

Client-facing tasks

When you need a client to do something like provide a document or electronically sign one, you can create a task for them to do so. The client sees these tasks in Client Center as To-Do items.

Client tasks include:

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