Update your firm information

If you have appropriate permissions, you can update your basic firm information by choosing Setup > Firm Settings. When finished, click Save.

When you registered for Onvio, we completed the required fields in the General tab based on the information you provided. Firm administrators can update firm information, including adding email addresses, at any time. For information on changing your firm's name in Onvio, see Change your firm name, address, and/or phone number.

Use the Preferences tab to specify the default display format for names of individual contacts, clients, and staff members.

Use the Time and Billing tab to set firm-wide preferences for time and billing functions.

  • Choose to require services and/or projects on time and expense entries
  • Choose a default invoice layout, statement layout, and/or late fee for new clients
  • Set the number of days until an invoice is due
  • Set preferences to automatically relieve nonbillable WIP or mark $0 invoices as sent
  • Set up a Stripe account to accept online payments
  • Choose a rounding option and increment for standard billing
  • Customize dunning messages and A/R terms to appear on invoices

Use the Document Delivery tab to set a default document delivery method, which is then applied to all new clients when they're added in Onvio.

Use the Periods tab to set the firm fiscal year, create a new period, and set the period frequency. See Periods overview for more information.

Internal notes

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