Give staff access to Onvio

Before a staff member can log in to Onvio Center, they'll need to have Onvio Access enabled for them.

If you use My Account to manage staff and firm information, staff members will automatically be added with Onvio access enabled. You can skip this step and assign staff to permission groups.

Before you start

  • Make sure you're assigned to a permission group  that allows you to enable Onvio access for other staff members.
  • You'll need to have staff members added in Onvio with a primary email address and a first and last name.
  • After you enable Onvio access for additional staff members, we will charge your firm for those additional users on a monthly basis.

Enable access in Onvio

  1. Choose Setup and select Staff.
  2. Select Edit next to a staff member in the list.

    You can use the checkboxes to select multiple staff and enable access at once.

  3. Go to the Onvio Access tab.
  4. Turn on Onvio Access.
  5. Verify the email address for the registration email and update it if necessary.
  6. Choose if you want to send the registration email now or later.
    • If you choose Send Now, a registration email will be sent as soon as you save your changes.
    • If you choose Send Later, you can return to this tab and send the email any time. The registration email contains a link for the staff to enter their email address and create a password for Onvio Center.
  7. Once you enable Onvio Access, you'll have to assign permission groups. Staff will need to be in at least one permission group before they can perform basic tasks in Onvio.
  8. Select Save when you're finished.

The staff member will also be able to access Onvio Center features through Onvio mobile apps.

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