Online payments

When you set up a Stripe account so your clients can pay invoices online, you can save data entry time and provide your clients with a secure, easy way to pay their invoices.

Get started with Stripe

  • Before you can accept online payments in Onvio, you must set up your Stripe account.
  • With Stripe set up, when you generate an invoice you can email it to your client or send it to them via Client Center (if enabled), and they can securely and easily pay it online.
  • Your client can submit their payment on a computer or mobile device with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, or a saved credit card.
  • For more information on generating invoices, see Bill your clients.


  • Stripe is an unaffiliated third party that makes accepting online payments from customers quick and easy.
  • Service fees apply when you accept online payments through Stripe. For details, see the Stripe pricing and fees page.
  • Onvio automatically creates a bank account called Stripe, and will associate online Stripe payments with that account.

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