Create custom invoices

Customize formats to create invoices that meet your firm's specific needs. Choose Setup > Invoice Formats and either select a format from the list or click Add to create one of your own. Click Next or select another step after you complete each one.

You can delete any of the default formats that are included with the application. However, deleting these formats is not recommended, because re-creating them can be difficult.

  1. Add a format name, select the country whose styles you want to see, and select a style.
  2. Add a logo by uploading an image file and adjusting as necessary. Click Set Image when finished.
  3. Make selections to specify the billing information you want to include on the invoice. You can edit lead-in text, select grouping options, and choose whether to include entry detail. Click Next.
    • Lead-in text: Use the existing text, add your own content, or omit text altogether.
    • Grouping options: Choose up to three grouping options. One grouping option displays by default. Click Add Another Grouping to include another one. You can mark the Show Billed Amounts box to display billed amounts on the invoice.
  4. Choose the Accounts Receivable information that you want to include on the invoice format and click Done.

Once you have saved an invoice format, you can use it when you bill a client. Choose Time & Billing > Billing and select a client. Click Detail Bill and choose the appropriate invoice format.

  • Click the Preview tab in Detail Billing to view an invoice and modify text prior to sending.
  • View a previously created invoice by choosing Time & Billing > Billing > Review Invoices.


  • Set the default invoice format for new clients by choosing Setup > Firm Settings and selecting the Time and Billing tab. Select a format and save your changes.
  • Change the default invoice layout for a client by choosing Setup > Clients. Select a client and click the Billing tab.

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