Add an adjustment entry

Adjustment entries allow you to create billing adjustments without entering time or expenses.

To add an adjustment entry, choose Time & Billing > Billing. Use either the Selection tab or the Review Invoices tab to select the entry for which you would like to make a billing adjustment.

  • On the Selection tab, select one or more items and click Detail Bill.
  • On the Review Invoices tab, click Edit next to the invoice you want to adjust.

Once you have made your selection, open the Adjustment Entry panel from the Summary tab or the Billable Entries tab.

From the Summary tab, click the Add To Invoice button.

  1. Select Flat Amount, and click Next.
  2. Select Adjustment Entry and add an amount. Select a service and project, if desired.
  3. Click Finish to save the entry and return to the Summary tab, where you can view and edit your invoice.
  4. Click Save to complete the invoice.

From the Billable Entries tab, click Adjustment Entries.

  1. Complete the fields on the Adjustment Entries panel. The Activity, Staff, and Amount fields are required.
  2. Click Save to close the Adjustment Entries panel.
  3. Click Save again on the Detail Billing screen to save the entry.
  4. You can select the entry and click the Summary tab to view and edit your invoice.

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