Complete your Tax Questionnaire

To efficiently gather your yearly tax information, your accountant may request that you verify information and complete tasks in Client Center by sending you a Tax Questionnaire. The questionnaire will appear on your To-Do list on the Tasks screen.

Once you select Mark as Complete you cannot edit your questionnaire selections.

Questionnaire tasks

  1. Confirm or enter items in Household Information. Select Mark as Complete. The Tax Questionnaire will appear on your To-Do list.
  2. Select all life and employment items applicable to you and anyone in your household for the tax year (e.g., received a W-2, changed jobs, was a student, retired, etc.). Select Mark as Complete when finished.
  3. Based on your selections in the questionnaire, additional tasks may be added to your To-Do list that ask you to upload documents.

Next steps

Once you complete all questionnaire tasks and upload applicable documents, the Tax Questionnaire moves to the Completed section under To-Do list.

You can view your uploaded documents in the completed questionnaire and also on the Documents screen.