Tasks Overview

Your accountant may assign you tasks that help them gather information and prepare documents for you. You'll be notified by email when tasks are assigned. You can also use the Client Center mobile app to receive task notifications on your mobile device.

Log in to Client Center to manage your tasks. Your To-Do list is on the Tasks screen, with tasks grouped by type: Approvals (including eSignatures), Invoices, Review Documents, Requests, or Tax Questionnaire.

  1. Select a task and provide the requested information, or take the required action.
  2. When you finish a task, click the Mark as Complete button to move it to the Completed list. You cannot move tasks from the Completed list back to the To-Do list. If you need to adjust information in a task that is on the Completed list, contact your accountant.
  3. Once you complete a task on your To-Do list, it is sent to your accountant.

    Your Tax Questionnaire tasks are not sent to your accountant until you have completed the entire questionnaire.

Note: If you need to upload additional documents to share with your accountant, you can do so on the Documents screen. See Add files on the Documents screen for more information.