Reports for Onvio Trial Balance

Reports in Onvio Trial Balance provide the information you need to track and analyze your client's work. Choose from the list of reports in the Reports screen. Report availability is determined by which products you have licensed.

For each report, you can perform the following actions.

  • Click Edit Edit.
  • Click Open Open to preview the report in a new browser tab.

    Note: Popup blockers must be turned off to be able to open the new tab in your browser.

  • Click Create Create to create a copy of the report in PDF, Excel, or rich text format, that you can download to your computer. The report displays the accounts and balances for the selected contact.

    Note: In Onvio Workpapers, you can also choose to send a report or financial statement to the current project's binder for the selected contact.

  • Click Export Export to download an Excel file that contains a view of the report grid.
Report Description
Adjusting Journal Entries Lists the adjustments and the distributions that are entered for the period (Current period or Year to Date) for the selected contact.
Balance sheet Lists current year and prior year account balances for the current period or year to date.
Chart of Accounts Lists information about all accounts set up for the contact, such as account number, type, account description, code, and subcode. You can create this report for each schedule that you have added in the Groupings screen.

Note: You can click Edit  Edit in the Actions column to select a different grouping schedule than the current one. (Currently, only this report allows you to select from a list of other grouping schedules that you've set up.)

Grouping Schedule Lists prior-period balances, unadjusted balance, adjusted journal entries, and adjusted balances organized by grouping schedule code (available for all grouping schedules).
Income Statement Lists accounts and balances based on how accounts are grouped to Account Classification grouping schedules in the Groupings tab.
Trial Balance Lists account information for your contact, including account numbers, descriptions, balance types, and net income amount.
Trial Balance Worksheet Lists the prior-period balance, unadjusted balance, adjusting journal entries, and the adjusted balance for each account.

Note: You can click Edit Edit in the Actions column to select which account balances to include in the report, and optionally choose to display separate debit and credit columns for adjustments.

Tax Grouping Lists the tax grouping schedule for the selected contact. Accounts are grouped under each tax code/subcode and then subtotaled. This report provides a method to verify balances that are to be imported to other tax applications.

The availability of some or all of these features depends on the applications your firm has licensed and the permissions your firm’s administrator has enabled for you.

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