Add a reversed entry

You can create reversed entries in the Adjustments tab for the current period. When the period is advanced, the reversed entries appear in the next period with the same distributions, but the amounts will appear as reversed in the Trial Balance tab and in the  Adjustments tab.

Follow these steps to add reversed journal entries.

  1. Select the Adjustments tab.
  2. Add an entry in the Adjustment Details section and select the Reverse adjustment next period switch.
  3. Apply a debit amount for the first account and then a credit amount for the second account.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Select the Settings tab and advance the period for the contact.
  6. Select the Trial Balance tab to view the reversing journal entries. (Notice that the first account now appears as a credit and the second account appears as a debit.)


  • If the original journal entry is deleted, the reversed entry is automatically deleted as well.
  • You can delete a reversed entry, but if you move back a period and then advance it again, the reversed entry will reappear for the original account distributions.
  • There is not an option to have all journal entries reverse out every period. It must be done on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

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