Migrate UltraTax CS data to Onvio

Use this article to migrate data from UltraTax CS to Onvio.

Before you start

Migration steps

  1. Close UltraTax CS.
  2. Download the installation file. If you're on Virtual Office or Software as a Service, skip to step 3. The migration tool is automatically installed for you.

  3. Locate the ut_migration_installer.en_us.msi file on your computer, open the file, and follow the steps in the setup wizard to install the UltraTax CS migration tool.
  4. Open UltraTax CS.
  5. Select Utilities, then Onvio, then Migrate to Onvio Tax.
  6. Select the clients you want to migrate to Onvio, then click Continue.
  7. Enter your Onvio login information.
  8. Select Continue.
  9. You'll be given a link to the Migrations Dashboard where you can track your migration progress. You can also get to the Migration Dashboard in Onvio under Setup, then Migrations.


If any client data you import is similar to but does not exactly match data that already exists in Onvio, it'll be flagged as a conflict. You'll need to decide how to handle those conflicts before the migration is considered complete.

  1. To view conflicts, select Setup, then Migrations in Onvio.
  2. Select UltraTax CS.
  3. For each conflict listed, select the plus sign to expand details on the conflict.
  4. Select Create new record or Use this record.
  5. Select Submit resolved conflicts when you're finished. You can submit at any time and come back to finish making your selections; you don't need to choose what to do with every conflict at once. However, you cannot start another migration until all conflicts have been addressed.

Next steps

Internal notes

Steps for troubleshooting issues with migration

Use the following guide to troubleshoot a problem with the data migration from UltraTax CS to Onvio. In all cases where you need to enter an ADO ticket, include the CSD file from UT.

Log files

  • Log files are located at Documents\Migration\UTMigration
  • Creation of log files is controlled by the key <add key="Create_Log_file" value="true" /> under <appSetting> in the UTMigration.exe.Config located at C:\WinCSI\UTMigration.

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