Create e-files, PDFs, or Onvio copies of tax returns

After finishing data entry and review, you can file a return by generating an efile, creating a PDF copy, or sending a copy to Onvio Documents or Client Center. To do so, complete the appropriate steps below.

Printing a return or extension

  1. In Onvio Tax, open the project containing the tax return you want to file.
  2. Click the Print button and then select Returns or Extensions from the drop-down list. Click Preview to view a copy of the document on-screen prior to printing.
  3. In the Print Returns or Print Extensions screen, select the item(s) you want to print by marking the corresponding checkboxes in the Select Items to Print list on the left.
  4. In the Print Options section, choose the desired collations to print. The print destinations for each collation (PDF download, PDF in Onvio Center, or PDF in Client Center) are displayed under the collation name.

    Note: To print a paper copy, select PDF download and save the PDF to your local drive or network, then open and print that PDF.

  5. Click the Generate button on the top-right to create the files you selected using the checkboxes on this screen.

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