File a return electronically

Before you e-file

Complete these tasks before you e-file, if you haven't already done so.

Note: You must have appropriate Onvio security permissions to edit staff information.

Steps to e-file

Complete these steps to e-file a tax return in Onvio Tax.

  1. Prepare the return and enter data on the ELF screen in the Electronic Filing folder within Onvio Tax data entry. 
  2. Click the Review button, review all diagnostics, and resolve any critical and ELF diagnostics.
  3. Click the E-File button and select Returns or Extensions depending on the item(s) you want to file electronically. 
  4. Mark the checkbox in the Generate E-Files list on the left side of the screen for each return or extension you want to file electronically, then click the Generate Returns button to create the e-file(s).
  5. Correct any IRS business rules that may have resulted in the generation of the electronic file, if applicable.
  6. Click the E-File button to transmit the electronic file when the Result column indicates that the e-file was successfully created.
  7. Check the electronic filing status on the Onvio Tax dashboard or in your client's tax return project.


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