Additional resources for tax research and guidance

With the increasing complexity of the U.S. Tax Code, there may be times when you need additional information or assistance reporting or handling certain situations. Although our Support team is happy to assist you with technical issues, they cannot help you decide how to report items on a tax return or handle specific tax scenarios. 

The following resources are available to you for tax research and guidance.

Resource Details
Checkpoint (including RIA Form/Line Finder, PPC Deskbooks, and Quickfinder) Thomson Reuters Checkpoint offers numerous research and guidance tools, as well as courses designed to provide you with the knowledge to handle complex tax subjects. For more information about their resources and how to subscribe see the Checkpoint product page of The website provides general FAQs and official guidance. The Tax Code, Regulations and Official Guidance section can help you interpret the IRC, and the Tax Professionals section provides specific advice for you.
IRS electronic filing

IRS Publication 4163 provides general information about modernized e-File (MeF) information for authorized IRS e-file providers for business returns, including 1041. 

Our Help & How-To Center provides you with vital electronic filing information.

When an IRS e-file rejection contains the phrase "does not match the IRS database" or contains the words "duplicate condition," you must contact the IRS e-file help desk at 866-255-0654 to resolve these rejections.

Form instructions Form instructions provide detailed information on how to report items on specific forms. The IRS Forms and Instructions index lists all IRS Form instructions.
Publications and notices The IRS Publications and Notices index provides information on handling complex federal and state tax situations. The IRS Publications and Notices index lists all IRS publications and notices.
IRS private letter ruling An IRS private ruling letter is a written determination issued to a taxpayer regarding an inquiry. While an IRS private ruling letter may not be relied on as a standard for other cases, you'll find past rulings at the IRS Written Determinations section of
State resources

The following resources provide state-specific information.

Social Security Administration 

The Social Security Administration provides more than general information and FAQs. You'll find information about AccuWage Online which enables you to verify that W-2 and W-2c Wage reports are correct before you upload them to the Business Services Online.

The Business Services Online section provides valuable services, such as reporting wages to Social Security, Social Security Number verification, and an Internet Representative Payee Accounting Service.

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