Insert a variable or custom paragraph in a client document

You can use variables and custom paragraphs to customize your client documents to help make them more versatile and efficient. Variables enable you to populate the document with information that's specific to the return or the recipient, so you don't have to manually create separate documents for every client.

Custom paragraphs are helpful for inserting the same wording into several separate documents without having to manually re-enter it every time.

  1. In Onvio Tax, click the Setup menu and then click the desired document type (such as Letters or Filing Instructions).
  2. In the Compose [Document Type] screen, click Add to create a new client document, or highlight an existing document and click Edit to update it. 
  3. In the document editing window, place your cursor at the location where you want to insert the variable or custom paragraph.
  4. Click the Insert button and choose Insert Variable/Custom Paragraph. 
  5. In the Insert Variables/Custom Paragraphs panel, click the Variables or Custom Paragraphs tab, then locate the item you want to insert by scrolling through the list, using the search field, or clicking one of the category tabs (such as Amount, Text, or Date) under the Variables heading.
  6. Click the desired variable or custom paragraph in the list, then click Insert to place it in the client document.
  7. Click the Return to List button when you're ready to close the updated document.
  8. Click Save when prompted to preserve your changes. 

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