System permission groups

To help streamline initial staff setup, Onvio includes two built-in "system" permission groups, and the primary firm administrator is a member of both groups. Staff with sufficient permissions can add or remove staff as members of these groups, but the permission groups themselves cannot be modified.

Choose Setup > Permission Groups to open the Permission Groups setup screen.

  • Administrative Permissions — Members of this group have administrator access to all permission groups, including the ability to create new groups and to assign all available permissions to staff. Typically you would limit membership in this group to the firm administrator and top-level leaders (for example, the owner, partners, and/or senior executives). The primary firm administrator cannot be removed from this group.
  • All Functionality and Non-confidential Data — Members of this group have permissions for all licensed functions within Onvio, but only for clients and contacts who are not identified as confidential.

These permission groups are identified with system group badges in the list of permission groups.

The availability of some or all of these features depends on the applications your firm has licensed and the permissions your firm’s administrator has enabled for you.

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