Edit a client

Before you start

Make sure you're assigned to a permission group that has Clients enabled.

Edit and update one client

  1. Go to Setup, then Clients.
  2. Select Edit next to a client in the list.
  3. Use the tabs to see and change client information.
  4. Select Save when you're finished.

Edit and update multiple clients

  1. Go to Setup, then Clients.
  2. Mark the checkboxes to select multiple clients to edit.
  3. Choose how you would like to edit the clients and select Next.
    • Add Services
    • Add Folders
    • Add Projects
    • Change Billing Information
    • Change General information.

      Note: To change the display name format (under General Information), you must have selected only clients of the Individual entity type.

  4. Make changes and select  if you need to undo any changes. Select Next to review them.
  5. Select Show Details to see more information or to remove an item from the list of items you're editing.
  6. Select Done to save your changes, or select Previous to go to back to the last step. Select Cancel to undo all changes and go back to the contact setup page.

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