Change the Onvio Primary Admin

Before you start

You can change the Onvio primary admin only if you're the current Onvio primary admin or the firm licensee.

Change the Onvio Primary Admin

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Select Manage Accounts in the My Firm section.
  3. Select Reassign next to the Onvio Primary Admin contact.
  4. Choose the new contact’s name in the Onvio Primary Admin drop-down menu.
  5. Select Reassign to complete the change.
  6. Select Close to finish.

After changing the Onvio Primary Admin

  1. The current Onvio primary admin needs to sign out and sign back in to My Account to see the change in permissions.
  2. Review the previous Onvio primary admin's permission level. The licensee and new Onvio primary admin can make changes on My Account.
  3. The new Onvio primary admin and the licensee will get a confirmation email of changes.

Licensee vs Onvio Primary Admin

The licensee and Onvio Primary Admin have similar account permissions with some key differences:

Authorization Licensee Onvio Primary Admin
Legal right to client data Yes No
Account admin for all Thomson Reuters products used by the firm Yes No
Manage Firm information, including security requirements, demographic information, and name changes Yes No
Change the licensee's email address Yes No
View order history, invoices, and change payment methods Yes Yes
Change permissions assigned to staff CS Web accounts Yes Yes
Change who the Onvio Primary Admin is Yes Yes
Oversee Onvio setup, staff setup, and Onvio use No Yes
Manage staff access to Onvio No Yes
Change Onvio Primary Admin's email address No Yes

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