Add comments to Clients, Contacts, Staff or Project Templates

You can add comments on the General tab of the Clients, Contacts, Staff, and Project Templates setup screens. Firms licensed for Project Manager can also add comments for individual projects and tasks.

  1. Click the Comments link.  
  2. In the panel that opens, enter a comment in the text field and click Add. You can add multiple comments.
  3. Close the panel when you're done. 


  • A badge next to the Comments link shows the number of comments that have been entered.
  • Update or delete a saved comment by clicking the Edit button on an existing comment.
  • When adding new staff, clients, contacts, projects, or tasks, the Comments link becomes available only after you save and re-open the entry.
  • The Comments link is available on the Projects screen only when you are viewing it in Advanced mode. Click the Switch to Advanced Mode link to change the view.
  • If your firm has licensed Project Manager, click Projects in the menu bar to access projects or tasks directly.

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