Enter receipts

Enter receipts when clients submit payments on their accounts.

Choose Time & Billing > Receipts & Adjustments > Receipts tab to enter receipts.

  • Choose a control date and a date for the receipts.

    Note: A Control Date is a way to collect a number of individual receipt or adjustment transactions into a logical group. Your firm can choose whether a particular control date represents a single day, or whether multiple days are entered into a single control date. A commonly used technique is that a control date represents a specific bank deposit, and each receipt deposited in that batch will be entered into the same control date. The control date, however, is not ever used to determine which date (and therefore period) that a receipt is posted to.

  • For each transaction, choose a client, payment type, and amount.
  • If needed, choose a bank account, enter a reference number, and/or enter comments.

Receipts appear in the list to the right when they fall within the currently selected date range. Available date ranges include Today, Week, Two Weeks, Month, Control Date, and Custom Date Range. Control Date and Custom Date Range require you to choose the date or dates you want to view. Daily totals appear in the summary row for each day.

When you enter a receipt for a child client in a billing group, the receipt amount can be applied to invoices created for any client in the billing group.

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