Supported internet browsers and requirements

We support Onvio Center in the following internet browsers. Click the name of the browser to open a page from which you can download the latest version of the browser.

Browser Version
Apple Safari Not applicable — Safari updates itself to the latest version.
Google Chrome 64-bit. How to check your version of Chrome.
Microsoft Edge Not applicable — Edge updates itself to the latest version.
Mozilla Firefox

Not applicable — Firefox updates itself to the latest version.

Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) is not a supported version of Mozilla Firefox.

You can install and use the Onvio print driver only on computers that run a Windows operating system. For more information, see Installing the Onvio print driver.

We recommend that you do not attempt to run this application in any browser that is not listed above. To determine which version of a browser you are using, click the Determine browser button.

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