Clear a progress bill

After you create a progress entry, you will eventually have to clear it, typically by associating it with time and expense entries, though you can also clear a progress entry without entering WIP.

With accumulated WIP

Use one of these methods to clear a progress entry against accumulated WIP.

  • In the Summary tab of the Detail Billing screen, enter the amount you want to final bill in the Totals field in the Bill column.
  • In the Billable Entries tab of the Detail Billing screen, select the entries you want to clear, including the progress bill items, and choose Quick Bill. Here you can bill the amount at the standard value, bill the amount at zero, or bill at a different amount.

With no WIP

  1. Choose Time & Billing > Billing.
  2. Select the item related to the progress entry you want to clear and click Detail Bill.
  3. Choose one of the following methods.
    • In the Billable Entries tab, enter 0 in the Bill column of the item for the progress entry. Onvio enters the appropriate adjustment.
    • In the Summary tab, Click the Add To Invoice button, and then select Time & Expenses. Select the outstanding progress entry and Click Next. Click Finish to return to the invoice, where you can enter 0 as the billing amount.
  4. Save your entry.

You can also use Standard Bill from the Billing Selection screen to automatically close out the progress entry amounts.

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