Substantially Equal Periodic Payments - Early Distributions

You can use this calculator to calculate exceptions from the penalty for early distribution (before age 59 1/2) from an IRA.

To open this calculator, click Calculators in the toolbar, and then click Retirement > Substantially Equal Periodic Payments - Early Distributions in the left panel.

You can export the data as a PDF file or clear all data that you entered. For more information, see Financial calculators.


Your client is retiring at age 40 with $1,000,000 in his IRA. What annual withdrawals are allowed?

Field Input
Year of distribution 2007
Taxpayer's age 40
IRA balance at beginning of year $1,000,000
Interest rate 5%

In this example:

  • The required minimum distribution is either $22,935.78 or $17,730.50, depending on the life expectancy table.
  • The fixed amortization method shows $56,764.28 or $53,408.25 as the allowed distribution.
  • The fixed annuitization method shows $54,061.22 as the allowed distribution.

Note: See Publication 590 and Appendix C for more information on uniform life and required minimum distributions.

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