Enter data for multiple W-2s

You may need to enter information for multiple W-2s for a taxpayer or spouse so that you can include all wages in your analysis. You can also have Planner calculate standard items, such as Social Security withholding or Medicare withholding.


  • If the taxpayer or spouse does not have multiple W-2s, you can simply enter the W-2 data in the Wages grid.
  • You can view the total taxable wages, total federal withholding, and total state withholding for all employers for a taxpayer or spouse and a specific year at the bottom of the W-2 Information panel.
  1. In Advisory, click the Projects tab.
  2. Open the plan.
  3. Click the Income folder, and then click Wages.
  4. To open the W-2 Information panel to have Planner calculate withholdings, click the icon for the Taxpayer or Spouse and for the year for which you want to enter wages.
  5. If this is the first W-2 data you are entering, enter the employer's name in the Employer Name field.

    If this is W-2 data for another employer, click New.

  6. Enter the federal taxable wages. Planner will calculate some of the withholdings. Enter information for other withholdings, as needed.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat the above procedure for each additional W-2 for the taxpayer or spouse.

Planner will calculate the total of all W-2 data for the taxpayer or spouse based on the information you enter in the W-2 Information panel.

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