Monthly Investment Accumulation

You can use this calculator to determine how much an investment will accumulate based on the current balance plus regular monthly investments, growing at an annual rate of return. Determine the future value of the accumulated investment, adjusted for inflation.

To open this calculator, click Calculators in the toolbar, and then click Other Investment > Monthly Investment Accumulation in the left panel.

You can export the data as a PDF file or clear all data that you entered. For more information, see Financial calculators.


An investor owns stocks valued at $10,000, and he plans to buy $500 worth of additional stock per month (with a 10% projected average rate of return). How much will he have in 20 years?

Field Input
Initial investment $10,000
Each monthly investment $500
Months of investment 240
Annual rate of return 10%
Compounded Monthly
Inflation rate 3%

In this example, the investor will have accumulated $452,965.17 of stock in 20 years. The accumulated value, adjusted for inflation, is $250,795.83.

Note: The compounded daily calculation uses 365 days. The difference between the interest rate and the effective interest rate is due to the compounding of interest.

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