You can use the Dashboard to review current tax highlights from Checkpoint, open recent projects or commonly used calculators, and access help in our Help & How-To Center. You can also customize the display and arrangment of the items on the dashboard to suit your needs.

To open the Dashboard, click Dashboard on the menu bar.

The dashboard contains various widgets that are grouped by category.

Recent Advisory projects

Widgets in this section list the Advisory projects you've recently opened in Onvio. Select the desired project name to re-open it or select Add New Advisory Project to create a new project.


Widgets in this section let you stay up to date with current tax highlights from Checkpoint Daily News and PPC's Practitioners Tax Action Bulletins that may impact your clients.

Checkpoint Daily News

Select a title to open the Checkpoint Daily News panel where you'll see the full article. 

  • Articles tab: Lists news articles available for viewing. Select the title of a news article to access more information.
  • Follow Up tab: Lists news articles that you have flagged for follow up or recently flagged as completed.
  • Actionable / Follow Up / Completed: Indicates when you want to follow up on an article or you have completed review of an article. In the right column, click Actionable to change the action to Follow Up as a reminder to view the article in the future. Click Follow Up to change the action to Completed once you’ve finished reading or researching the information.
  • Filter by All or Unread: Allows you to filter the list of articles. Select All to view all available news items, or select Unread to view only the articles that you have not yet read.
  • Search: Enter a keyword or phrase in this field to find articles relevant to your needs within the current results.
  • View in Checkpoint: Select to open the article in Checkpoint.

    Note: The option to View in Checkpoint requires a Checkpoint subscription.

PPC's Practitioner Tax Action Bulletins

Select a tile to open the PPC’s Practitioner Tax Action Bulletins panel where you'll see a synopsis of the article, as well as links to any related practice aids, such as a template to use when sending a client letter or email on the topic, when available.

  • Click here link: Opens the eStore where you can subscribe to Tax Action Bulletins.

    Note: Onvio Advisory customers receive a 20% discount on Tax Action Bulletins. You will see the discount in your cart.

  • View in Checkpoint: Select to open the bulletin in Checkpoint.
    Note: PPC’s Practitioner Tax Action Bulletins require a subscription to view the full document or access any related practice aids.

IRS Tax Resolution

This widget allows you to quickly search by notice number or keyword to see the notice or letter your client received, with guidance on what it means and what steps to take.


Widgets in this section provide links to commonly used calculators that can be hidden or rearranged to suit your needs.

Help & How-To Center

Widgets in this section provide links to commonly viewed articles and videos.

Customize the Dashboard

You can customize the Dashboard by reordering the dashboard sections and rearranging or hiding widgets.

Note: The custom dashboard is unique to each individual login.

To customize your view, select Edit edit icon , which activates edit mode. Then drag and drop items to rearrange them or select Options options on a widget and choose Hide to hide it.

Hidden widgets are represented by buttons placed at the bottom of the dashboard section. Click this button to restore a hidden widget.

To reorder dashboard sections, click and drag a section heading in the left column to a new position. Select the Hide button hide to hide an entire section from the dashboard.

When you are finished customizing your dashboard, select the Done button done checkbox in the lower right corner of the screen

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