Sign tax documents

While preparing your tax documents, your accountant may notify you via email when you need to review and electronically sign documents.

You will also see the eSignature task in the To-Do list of the Client Center Tasks screen when your signature is required on one or more documents.

Begin the eSignature process

To begin the eSignature process, follow the applicable steps below.

From within the notification email

  1. Click the link in the notification email and, in the browser window that opens, read and agree to the Electronic Record & Signature Consent disclosure.
  2. Click Start and verify your identity by entering or selecting the correct information and clicking Next to proceed.
  3. Enter your name and initials, choose from the available signature options, and click Next.

From within Client Center

  1. Log in to Client Center.
  2. On the Tasks screen, click the eSignature Request task in the To-Do list.
  3. If there is more than one person's signature requested, mark the box next to your name. Read the terms and conditions, and mark the box to confirm that you have done so.
  4. Click the Review & Sign Document button.

Sign documents

The To Sign list includes each document that you need to sign. If a document requires signatures from multiple people, the eSignature request screen includes a checkbox for each person who needs to sign.

If someone else who is required to sign the document declines the signature request, the task is removed.

  • Documents that require your attention are indicated with an Attention Needed Attention needed icon icon.
  • Documents that are ready for signature have a Ready to sign icon checkmark next to them.
  • The To Review list includes any documents that you need to review.
  1. Clicking documents that require attention opens additional panels that will walk you through the approval process for each document.
  2. After you've addressed all items that require your attention, click the Sign & Submit button in the lower left corner to complete the eSignature process.